Twist Out by Nina Ellis-Hervey

Twist Out by Nina Ellis-Hervey

Step outside your common, everyday product!  Be daring, be bold, get noticed!  Allow the Going Natural products to help you do your walking and talking adequately accompanying the showcasing of your luxurious locks!



A dream twist-out includes the right amount of moisture, shine, definition, endurance and durability.  Picking the correct products to create such a beautiful look is half the work.

Step 1

In order to achieve the perfect twist out style, one must first know what it is they are looking to achieve.

Twist-Out: A twist-out is a style achieved after twisting the hair and then taking the twists down after they have set. It is used to define the curl pattern of the hair and can be as large or as small as you would like. The key is the size of the twists.

One must have key and essential tools for creating the best twist-out. Here are my picks:

– Shampooing and Conditioning: Going-Natural Herbal Shampoo, Going-Natural No More Knots Spray.

– Going-Natural Curly Twist-Out Hair Milk

– Going-Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter

– Optional: Going-Natural Curl Keeper & Styling Gel

-Duck Bill Clips

-Spray Bottle (to keep hair damp).

-Comb for parting the hair.

The hair will need to be freshly washed, and if not dripping wet before twisting it should be nice and damp. Keep your spray bottle handy so if the hair becomes more dry, you may easily re-wet.


Step 2

Make sure that you have adequate lighting so that you may pay attention to the direction of your parts and twisting direction.

Part your hair in sections as large or as small as you would like depending on the curl pattern you would like to achieve. Remember that the smaller you part, the more defined the twist-out will be and the longer it will last.

Squeeze out a dime to quarter size amount of the Going-Natural Curly Twist-Out Hair Milk for each section and apply as you twist the hair. You may also add the Milk to the entire head of damp hair before you begin to section the hair if you wish.

Be sure to pay attention to how you are twisting. Choose to twist either clockwise or counter clockwise, being careful to stay uniform throughout all sections of your hair.

Don’t be afraid to twist your hair tight as I find this helps to create more definition and helps to avoid some frizzing.

Optional: As you section the hair, add the Going-Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter to each section as you twist for added protection and to lock in moisture! If you would like even more definition and a crafted look, add just a touch of the Going-Natural Herbal Styling Gel to the sections.


Step 3
After ensuring you are happy with your twists, prepare for bed by tying a silk scarf around your twists, and also add a silk bonnet for added protection.

Ensure you are sleeping on a silk pillow at night, in case your bonnet comes off!!!

Optional: Sit under a hooded dryer if you must speed up the process of drying, however it is HIGHLY suggested that you stay away from applying heat when possible.

Step 4
Carefully remove your hair bonnet.

Untwist your hair, slowly so that you don’t disturb the curl pattern. You may do this by removing twists from the bottom up or by unraveling from the top.

Whatever you do, be gentle as you don’t want the hair to frizz.

Optional: To make the twist-out fuller, turn your head downward and use the fingers to fluff the hair up. You may also use a pick, slowly and gently pulling the hair upward from the scalp but not combing through.


Step 5
Wear your twist out with style and grace knowing that you have the added protection of the wonderful Going Natural Curly Twist Out Hair Milk and Silky Shea Hair Butter.

Take care of your twist out though out the week. Wear a silk bonnet at night. In the morning, re-fluff, but not too much. As specific areas frizz, you may re twist those sections using the products in order to refresh the style.

Now you are fresh as ever and ready to head out on the town!

A rose is STILL a rose, until that rose has an amazing twist-out using the incredible blends of essential oils and wonderful herbal ingredients found in the Going Natural products.  They can make any good evening the BEST ever!

When your hair is beautiful, it is more than a common accessory.  It helps you feel complete, helps you feel sexy, flirty and confident!

Your hair will stay defined at ALL times when using the Going Natural products.  Hair stays unbelievably moisturized and soft and yet hold well helping every picture with your hair achieve perfection!

Feeling beautiful starts with you.  When your confidence shines through, heads will turn and necks will break!

Step outside your common, everyday product!  Be daring, be bold, get noticed!  Allow the Going Natural products to help you do your walking and talking adequately accompanying the showcasing of your luxurious locks!



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