The Perfect Style Easily Done!

Whether you are going out on the town with some friends or with a significant other, you can create the perfect style. Here’s a guideline for a style that exudes your natural confidence, feminine appeal and your beautiful hair-easily.


For this perfect evening you only need a couple of things: a black dress (If you don’t own one get one it’s a life saver and it comes in handy for any occasion. Whether you are going to the club or romantic dinner it’s right there!), comfy shoes and your natural beauty- That’s it! For this challenge I decided to do a classic up-do that consist of my own locs- no pins nor rubber bands = No fuss. First, I divided my hair into two front twists and put the rest of it in a ponytail with a strand of my own loc. The exposed portion (or the tail) is then put into a bun by crossing two loc strands and tying them together.

Now time for the fun part…dressing up!

I chose a simply, yet elegant, halter black dress because it can be worn for any occasion. With my hair tucked back it brings out more of the dress and adornment of jewelry. Since black is such a beautiful rich color ( I mean that in more ways than one) when combined with basic jewelry and an up-doo it can make anyone look beautiful and sophisticated, hence why I chose this dress!

So ladies when you want a simple but beautiful style that compliments you, just my basic guideline to get you through.

Have fun and don’t forget to vote for me!

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