Teesha Borum

Teesha Borum

Thank you Sponsors, thank you supporters!  Thank you going-natural for the experience!




It has been a pleasure being part of the Miss Nappturality competition.  I have been natural for 5 years and part of the competition for 10 weeks, and must say that I have grown in my appreciation for natural hair.  Reading the 9 ladies essays and seeing their photos inspires me to continue to embrace natural beauty!  

My favorite parts of the competition 

-A chance to display the beauty in natural hair

-Free products!! (Thank you sponsors:)

-Being kept on my toes (Great submissions ladies!)

-A chance to work with great photographers and makeup artist 

-Possibly inspiring others to GO NATURAL 

Life has taught me that I will not be accepted for everything that I think, say, am or believe…My experiences have also taught me that I need to be ok with this.  No matter what I pursue in life, I will come across doors that will not open to me. I have natural hair, I’m a woman, I’m black, I’m tall, I’m curvy, I’m intelligent yadayadayada…Depending on who I talk to- these can all be strikes against me, but I am learning to create my own mold rather than trying to fit into others.  Either you fit or you don’t and that’s ok.

I came into the competition knowing that whether I win or lose, I will give it my all…The same is true in life. I know that what is meant for me is for me.  As we approach 2010 I’d like to wish everyone reading this a happy day, week, month, year and life.  Do your best and be blessed!

Keep in touch:)  www.teeshaborum.com  

**Special thanks to Photographers : Freddie Rankin (Challenges 1-4, 8), Cornelius Reb (Challenge 3, 5-6), Tony Smart (Challenge 6), Alan Luckey (Challenge 5), Brad Mitchell (Challenge 7)

Makeup Artist : Toneshia Cameron (challenge 2), Thomasina (Challenge 4)

Hair: LaJoyce Waajid (Challenge 6)

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