Rachel Ritfeld on Challenge 3

Rachel Ritfeld on Challenge 3

Jalita: in the shots where you have eye contact with the camera, you look a bit sad and in pain. There is no sparkle in your eyes. I would have liked to have seen more life in your eyes.


Desyray: The one thing you have working against you this week is that the general standard is so high that in comparison to the other girls, your shots look a bit boring and uninspiring. Step your game up and pull out all the stops for next week.

Carlie: Stunning, that smile is infectious! It makes me wonder what is it thats making you so happy, what products did you use! Really, your delivery this week is on the money!  I just wish we could have seen the flower in your hairstyle. Next time ask the photographer to put a light on the hair so we can see it. I have jet black hair too so it needs lighting properly if you are doing a shot to showcase your hair!

Kala: Really beautiful, beautiful hair style, beautiful make up! One thing to look out for is always elongating your neck. in your 3/4 face shot your neck looks short and if you just pushed your shoulders down, stretch your neck and tilt down slightly you would achieve a better silhouette! Try it! Other than that, you did a great job!

Chassity: So by now, I am totally in love with your look! You did another amazing job! For me the only thing that brought it down was the full length shot of you standing up with your hands in your side and head tllted too much. It looks amateur! Next time keep your head straighter and make a stronger pose. All the head shots were stunning!

Reshonda: Last week i thought you wouldn’t last long in the competition but you totally showed me the opposite this week! You look stunning, the shots are amazing! Make up, hair, styling, all great! Well done!

Natasha: You put a lot of effort into your shots but I found the make up too much, made me wonder if this was a hair shoot at all and it was so much make up that in some shots you look tired! Also some of the shots that were taken from low down don’t show us the hairstyle at all and they are completely unflattering, no consumer wants to see up the model’s nose!

Justyce: I didn’t think your hairstyle was particularly inspiring. Your personality came through a lot more in these shots than previous ones but there’s something about your poses and on-camera presence that looks and feels forced and unnatural

Nefertiti on the other hand, comes across very natural! You don’t need to try hard. And that is very endearing. It captures an audience. I love the energy you project, i love the hairstyle, great pictures! Well done!


Best in my opinion is Nefertiti this week!

For my vote of who to send home i am torn between Natasha and Justyce. But i will go for Justyce because her hairstyle was the least inventive in my opinion

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