Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 3

Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 3

Rachel Ritfeld

Munya: Your hair looks amazing this week. Your shots lacked variety for me, they all show a similar three quarter profile. In next week’s shoot, if you do a three quarter profile again, try doing it without tilting your head up or down. it will look more flattering, more “model-y” and less amateur.

Ebony: I just love you! BUT, this week your pictures could have been more to the brief. Whereas the other girls shot more with the products and incorporated them, you chose not to. Although you look great in all your shots, none of them look like a “campaign”!

Nina: you are improving and i love the “girl next door” vibe you brought to the products. But by week 3 i want to see you more aware of your body positions and posing. In the last shot, the outfit looks unflattering and you can’t see the products properly and you look a bit awkward in some of the other shots. Less is more.

Natasha: Thanks for making more effort this week. Your write-ups lack a lot of creativity but your pictures have improved. i love the last shot! It could make a nice poster. In next week’s challenge try to practice a more subtle smile for a more flattering look.

Laura: Less is more. i simple shot of your face and hair with the products would have sufficed. Some of the shots look a little “gimmick-y” and unnatural. It looks like you were showing a “real” scenario of a pretty girl holding her favorite products, which in my opinion didn’t work. And if you do do that in future, make sure the products face the camera!

Timolin: Really beautiful shots. your first shot looks orgasmic! The products are facing the camera in all your shots! The 4th picture could be the campaign shot for Jamaican Mango and Lime. The only thing i would say to be aware of is the 3rd picture. When you hold a product with your arm in front of your body, the camera makes it look like you have one massive arm and a little head, the trick here is to cheat and bring your head forward so it is the same distance from the camera as your arm!

Stephanie: I like the Jamaican colors in your shot. But it looks very gimmick-y and doesn’t make me want to go out and buy the products. If you wore something a bit more feminine and made your poses much more elegant it would have been much better.

Raven: LOVE the back shot picture. You look beautiful in profile, but what’s letting it down for me is the lack of styling of your hair in that shot. It could have been a campaign shot if the afro was more perfectly styles and a bit less dry. Your great with body positions and creative in your shots but the purpose of shooting with products is to make me want to buy them… If you shoot with haircare products the hair has to be on point.

Denitrika: i was most disappointed with your pictures this week. You are completely unaware of your body positions. Practice in front of the mirror and find more flattering more elegant body poses.

Tip: when shooting with products ALWAYS make sure they are clearly visible and facing the camera!



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