Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 2

Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 2

Raven: You bring some edge to the competition! i like it. I like how you included a smiley picture too showing your versatility. Really well done!

Ebony: You look beautiful in each of your pictures. Very commercial, very approachable. You really followed the guidelines and delivered beautiful shots.

Timolin: I really enjoyed your pictures. The soft smile is beautiful and elegant. Your first 3 shots are my favorites. You know your best angle and know how to work it. Try to make sure your pictures are in focus next week, a couple look a little blurred.



Laura: Your smile is your secret weapon. I love the first shot of you, although i cannot see the roller braid. The shots of you with the hairbands could have been more versatile, i feel you delivered 4 of the same shot. Try to be a bit more creative and when selling a product, in my opinion a softer face with a slight smile would work better and look more flattering.

Nina: i love the shot of you using the roller braid in the mirror, very commercial and very natural.

Munya: finally i can see your face. the second shot in your sequence is my favorite but what product were you selling? The roller braid was not in your shots and they had a lot going on with not enough emphasis on the product you are selling.

Natasha: your third shot in the sequence is my favorite because your eye contact with the camera and your smile are beautiful but your pictures lack creativity. Try to make some more effort, change outfits, go outside… Really try to sell the product.

My favorite pictures this week were from Ebony. You made an effort to showcase the accessories in a practical and fashionable way. You look stunning but not overbearing on the product or vice versa, perfect match.

A word of advise to all the girls: when modeling any product, make sure you keep the product as the main focus. I love the way Raven made the product look practical and still editorial.


Good luck next week and keep improving!


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