Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 1

Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 1

Rachel RitfeldNina: my favorite picture is the one where you are holding a yellow jacket, because you look the most natural in that shot. My advice in posing for you would be not to try so hard (referring to picture in the grey dress) as you don’t need to do much to look naturally beautiful. You have a beautiful smile and I loved your answers to your questions. The clarity in your answers depict beautifully and eloquently who you are.

Laura: in the picture where we can see your face, you look beautiful! what are you hiding? i would love to see you more clearly in future pictures and to see more of your personality

Timolin: i love the way you explored different expressions in your different shots and set ups. my favorite is the one of you in the workplace you look strong, sexy and sophisticated. Keep it up.



Natasha: you have a beautiful face when you smile. The close up shot of you smiling is my favorite. i love the confidence in your answers, but at times it borders arrogance and that is something to be careful of. I look forward to seeing more divers shots, your smile is your strength.

Munya: You need to take some clearer pictures of your face as in most of your shots, i cant see you properly. You come across beautifully in the answers to your questions. I love your femininity. Remember in future shots: you always need at least one good face shot and posture is important (in the shot of you in your blue dress you look a bit slouchy).

Ebony Clark for America's Next Natural ModelEbony: your pictures are my favorite this week. Not because your pictures are the most professional but because you have a beautiful sparkle of happiness in your eyes which is very attractive to an audience. Also your answers to the questions show me that you are beautiful inside and out. it reads “natural” in every sense of the word and your energy is intriguing. Great job! my only advice would be not to angle your underarms towards the camera, it rarely looks good on anyone.

Denitrika: beautiful smile. in all your shots, your face is in the same angle with pretty much the same expression. Try to switch it up a bit more in future shots. The first picture (close up with your hair out) is my favorite because it shows most of your personality because you are smiling with your eyes and i believe you in that shot.

Stephanie: love the artistic back shot, its wonderful. again, cant see enough of your face in any of the shots… Also, most shots in all magazines are photoshopped, but your first one is bit too obviously airbrushed, it almost defeats the purpose of the “natural model” competition. Some photoshopping is ok, but try not to make it too obvious. i look forward to seeing more shots of your beautiful face. In one of your answers you say that people tell you that you are very funny, thats a great character trait, i’d love to see that captured in a picture.

Raven: I absolutely love that you submitted a selection of shots that show different aspects of who you are. my 2 favorites are the one where you are crying: vulnerability is beautiful, feminine, underrated. i love that you brought it to the forefront. My other favorite is the one of you on the sofa, you look happy, genuine, real. Keep up the good work. You come across great in your answers too…

My general advice from a modeling perspective to all the ladies would be that your eyes always tell the truth. Therefore if what you write in your answers and the sparkle in your eyes match up, you are a winner! In a professional modeling portfolio it is essential to have a close up face shot and a good full length shot, after that you can experiment different expressions and different styles, but face (natural, not too much make up) and a full length are important.

Good Luck in the coming weeks! I look forward to seeing more of all of you.







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