Pillow Talk …

Pillow Talk …

Pillow Talk; Now I’m a Believer
Does your pillow talk to you? If so, what is it saying? Is it saying, “I’ll rob you of your moister?“ or “Lay your head on my pillow and just relax?“  

When I started researching how to take care of my hair on Nappturality, one of the things that I learned was that it’s great to wear either a satin/silk bonnet to bed or to use a satin/silk pillow case. I have been using a silk bonnet for almost a year now but lately I have wanted to get a pillow case for back-up in case my bonnet came off or if I don’t want to put it on.

Therefore, I was very happy to find out that we were being given a challenge to make an ad for a satin pillow case. This was my first opportunity to try one out! After receiving the challenge, I tried to think of many ways to make my advertisements extra special. I immediately started to make a collage of things that inspired me. I thought a lot about how I would do my make-up and hair and decided on styling my hair in a 2-Strand twist-out and doing very light natural make-up. I also made a list of what natural textured hair meant to me, and what this silk pillow case promised to do for my hair. The ultimate test though, would be to sleep on it and see for myself what the results rendered.
I was a little nervous to use it at first because my silk bonnet holds my hair in place to a certain extent (since it has a drawstring and a tie) and I didn’t want to wake up from sleeping without it and look like who-did-it-and-why. However, about a day after receiving my pillow case, I took the plunge. I didn’t know what would happen in the morning but I knew I had no other alternatives if my hair looked crazy because I still had to get up and go to work. To my pleasant surprise when I woke up, my hair kept it’s shape and retained it’s moister! It had the same results as my silk bonnet but with a little more sex appeal. I am single, but I know that a man could definitely appreciate his sweetheart laying next to him with a pillow case rather than a bonnet.

Pillow case for natural hair
After compiling my inspirations and testing the product out, I knew it was time to take some pictures. I tried to convey the concepts I had come across during my experience and concentrate on softness, relaxation, stress free sleep, sex appeal, fabulous and moisturized hair, pleasure, love and loyalty (for the pillow case of course), excitement, the fight for moisturized hair, fun, etc. Another idea that came to mind was “Cloud 9”. I incorporated all of these ideas into my photos.
This experience was much more challenging then I had expected, because of the effort it took to put my vision on film, however, I am happy with the results and I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I do! Vote for me!

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