Patricia Gaines Dee NappturalityNina Ellis-Hervey Challenge 1
Your answers were thought provoking. Wanting to inspire others, especially young girls is something I take very seriously. As someone who also mentors, I feel the image you are projecting, of natural health and beauty is to be commended.  I could feel your energy in every photo. I love the attitude, the energy and the look of your hair in every single photo. The feeling is fit, youthful, vibrant and stylista, but professional and neat. Very well done and I’m looking forward to your future challenges.

Laura Cottingham’s La Lueur Naturelle Challenge 1
I love the spirituality you represent in this challenge and the way your answer reflected this. Regardless of faith (or not) it is important for all people to learn to recognize and appreciate the beauty they were given by their creator as the perfect beauty for them. The blond hair extensions had me confused for a second, then I realized you were using them like a fur stole. Very clever! Your photographs were very well composed, showed class and sophistication – the cowboy shot was my favourite! I would like to see more of your hair in future challenges. Overall, this was an excellent challenge.



Timolin Jeffers on Challenge 1
Your challenge is unique because you have already had a transformation in your life – weight loss. You have dealt with the concept of image and beauty and your essay shows this. It also shows the desire to learn about other cultures and languages which I think is great. I especially love the professional, sophisticated looks in your photographs, which show natural hair at its most beautiful in the mainstream. I could place you in a fortune 100 company in those shots. We need to see more of this look and you did it perfectly.

Natasha Beals on Challenge 1
You have a young, fresh vibe yet a down to earth feeling in your photographs. Your hair does not overpower your photos but complements your whole look very nicely. I like your positive attitude and your focus in your essay. You seem very clear and enthusiastic in your approach, which is very important. You have a beautiful smile and your eyes are very expressive, so play up on that! One of your photos was a bit blurry so be sure to make them as clear as possible in future challenges.

Munya Magande on Challenge 1
Can I say that I just love, love, love what you have done in this challenge. Your hair, your outfits, the backdrops, your color choices are perfectly executed and enhance your skin tone. The simplicity of elements complemented with the complexity of your hairstyles gives your photos an edge and I was surprised to read that they were not done by professional. On top of that, the deep intelligence and thought that comes through in your essay has your challenge as one of the best for me and sets the bar quite high. I would like to see you look at the camera in future photo shoots. Excellent job!

Munya Magande for America's Next Natural ModelEbony Clark on Challenge 1
What a beautiful, fresh, airy challenge. There is a sense of emotion and happiness in your photos that comes through your eyes and that is a very valuable thing to have if you plan on continuing in a modelling career. I also love the fact that you embrace your curves and are proud to represent those of us who do not match the accepted “body beautiful” meme of toothpick-women. Your skin is flawless and your hair is perfectly styled to complement your face. You have done a great job and I am looking forward to seeing your future challenges.

Denitrika on Challenge 1
The first thing I did when I opened up your challenge was smile. You have such a genuine and warm facial expression and it’s great to see you using it! What caught me was your eyes. You have very dramatic eyes and the way you look at the camera draws the reader in to your personality. Use those eyes! Yes, your ‘fro looks great with the suit and your choice of earrings add that finishing edge. The only thing I see that needs to be addressed is the darkness of some of the shots. The composition is great – I would like to see more light in your photos.  An overall great challenge.

Stephanie SV on Challenge 1
Edgy, sunny, dark and fierce. That about sums up your challenge. I love the way you have taken this challenge by the horns and made it your own. Your photos stand out for obvious reasons. Every single one was different – with different energy. Elegance, sophistication, raw nature, sharpness. Loved it! You are a force to be reckoned with in this competition and if you continue the way you are going, you will be right in there in the final. Wonderful challenge for you.

Raven Hardy on Challenge 1
Your challenge really showed a lot of originality and personality. I feel that through your photographs along with your essay, I know you a little better. I see a confident, strong, fun, intelligent woman who knows exactly where she is in life and where she wants to go. The great thing about your photos is that you didn’t focus on one single thing, you showed us many sides without being disjointed, and without focusing on your hair so much, but moreso you and your personality. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you evolve during this challenge.


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