Naturalbelle on challenge 1

Natural BelleFirstyly can i say what a fantastic start to the competition. picking a favourite this week was near impossible all the candidates did so well with great pictures and intelligent answers to the set questions.

This week i was torn between Ebony, Munya and Raven, all three ladies submitted very different shots that were great in different ways.



Raven’s shot was so vibrant and expressive and clearly showed her personality and artistic flare, i love Ravens TWA, it’s simple and i’d love to see someone with short natural hair in campaigns for products. Ravens choice of make up was very on trend her bright lips will be a hit this summer and was seem on the spring/summer catwalks especially in the paprika colour she was sporting. my feedback for raven would be i would have like to have seen more detailed picture of her groomed TWA and variety in the styling, There are many ways to style and accessorize your Twa and i’d like to see more versatility in her hair styling.

Munya’s shot again was very vibrant! the bright jewel colour she wore in her shot will be a massive trend this summer. Munya’s hair was the most inventive, her vintage inspired updo is gorgeous and very creative. i loved the details and you could see the style clearly and her clothes were styled to suit her hair, they complimented each other perfectly. munya’s  shoot showcased her hair style but i would have liked to have seen a little more personality coming though in the shots.

Overall my favourite shoot was from Ebony. firsty her hair styling was flawless, her twistout was imaculate. i loved the way her shoot showcased the versatility of a much loved natural hair style. from her use of her incial twists styled into an up do, her side sweeped cascade of curls to her gorgeous bouncy defined twist out. her poses and styling were not to lavish or over the top so you could focus on the hair styles she was showcasing, her choice of submitted images worked well together. i could definitely see these in a publication or campaign. Ebony’s personality was portrayed well in her pictures and her answers to the challenge, she has a strong face and expressive eyes and i liked that she submitted a glamour shot and a natural shot,  i would have like to have seen a face on picture and a full body shot to finish off the shoot. but overall Eboney’s shoot was the most relaxed and she was very at ease in front of the camera.

my favorite shot was ebony’s twist out, because her hair was flawless, i like her natural make up and her skin looked amazing. this shot could be for a campaign for hair or skincare or makeup and showed that ebony is versatile and her look is transient.


i loved her curly afro, and her relaxed natural looks. again timolin has showcased how versatile natural hair can be. i would like to have seen perhaps one of the themes explored in depth, ie natural hair at work or the updo in a series of pictures perhaps to show a story.


has a striking face and i liked her twist out, i would have liked to have seen Natasha without the earrings in one or two shots as nice as they were they were a little distracting.  however Natasha has a very natural ease in from of the camera looked beautiful.


i loved Nina’s colour blocking in her choice of outfits. the grey teamed with red and the turqouise and yellow are so trend. i also loved Nina’s hair style the cornrows and big afro work well together. Nina’s shot looked like fun, and i liked her mix of head shots and full body, her posing was also fabulous and confident. i would like to have seen more detailed pictures of nina’s hair especially the cornrows.


the styling of laura’s images and her use of accessories are on point! i loved the vintage feel to the headdress. the veil and red lips combo are great. i would have liked to have seen some more details in the pictures such as the up do, as much as i like the juxtaposition of Laura’s pictures i would have like to see the hair styles better and perhaps a full body picture. but i loved the natural pictures they looked very editorial inspired, you can tell Laura is artistic  and creative her images stood out.


i love Denitika’s medium sized boxed braids with the slight curl at the ends, and her curly fro is also stunning. i would have liked to have seen some outside shots or pictures set against a plain background so we can focus on the model rather than the surrounding’s. however Denitika has a natural charismatic smile that lit up her images and her personality really showed.


Stephanie had a great mix of shots, she showed us a head shot a full body, outside and something artistic which is great. the colour and style of Stephanie’s locks really stand out i loved the curly look she was sporting. again i could see Stephanie’s shots in publications, she has an open and expressive face which works well for advertising. i would like to see a natural head shot with minimal make-up Stephanie could definitely pull it off her face is stunning.


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