natural belle feedback

natural belle feedback


fashion-well done! you really brought out the drama in this outfit! you look very regal and elegant, i love your surrounding my favourite has to be the exposed brick which is a great back drop for the elegance of the outfit, also i like that your poses where not standard.


fashion-this shoot would not be out of place in a catalogue, the poses do not seem as natural as you usual images,  i love your hair and make up, it’s very vibrant.


fashion- wow! what a dress, this looks great on you! i liked that you tried out different poses some worked like the piano shot, some didn’t like that head shot with hands on hips be sure to select images that work for you not against you. you hair up looks fab and really shows off the neckline of the dress.


fashion-you poses are so high fashion! they are strong and striking and look very editorial, however i wish your photo’s were better quality, then they would be unstoppable! you are by far the most editorial model of the bunch, just work on your lighting, backgrounds and cropping of your images.


fashion- this is my favourite shoot from you, I love the the styling of this shoot the hat is just perfect!, again i would have liked to have seen more variety in poses, try to step out of your comfort zone and show us something a little different.




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