My Photos –Satin Pillowcase

My Photos –Satin Pillowcase

I received a pink satin pillowcase to experiment with for the Miss. NP challenge number two.  It arrived among a variety of accessories during the week, but not before being intercepted by someone who thought the package was a pair of shoes they ordered from eBay.  I originally thought that we would receive some Eden Body Works, but maybe that is something that will be delivered later.

I used to have a pair of gold satin pillowcases that I purchased from Garden Ridge pottery for $5 each, but the seams started to come apart and I had to let them go.  I like the ideal of a actual satin pillow — as oposed to a case because you can actually keep your bedset matching during the day and just remove the pillowcase at night.  

I opened the package and found this item was a bit smaller than my full-sized pillowcases, so the ends stuck out a little, but not too much.  I usually sleep with my hair in a huge silk scarf, so I put it aside this week to put this pillowcase to the test.  

Would the pillowcase keep my style over the week’s long-haul? By Friday, I found that it did leave my hair feeling much less dry than an ordinary cotton pillowcase.  

So like the lady on the package of the pillow case cover, rest well knowing that this is better than sleeping on cotton.  

This pillowcase would fit a standard pillowcase, but does not fit larger pillows well, so I would question the “one size fits all” claim.  Be prepared to have your larger pillows hang out a bit at the end.

By the end of the week, my hair had survived ok:

End of Week. I accidently deleted my begining photo, but it wasn’t much differnt.  This style is a flufy bun that I wear to protect my ends from the wild weather we are having. 

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