My Natural Journey

My Natural Journey

by Vee Jefferson. I’ve always liked the idea of going natural, but never had the guts to go for it.  My aunt, who has been wearing locs for some time now, had been encouraging me to grow out my natural hair so she could loc it.   I always told her I’d think about it, but never did.  Not really.

The contest is what pushed me to do it.  I wanted to be in it so badly, but the only way I could enter was to cut my hair.  And it was one of the best, most enlightening things I’ve ever done. 
All the other ladies in the Miss NP pageant have what I’ve always considered to be “good” hair.
And now I truly believe I have good hair too.  

To be able to look in the mirror at my nappy naps and appreciate them and feel beautiful is a glorious feeling.   Sometimes I even rake it in the wrong direction to get a  more “peasie” look.   I love it!  And I have a new sense of what is in fact beautiful, within myself and in others. 

And not only going natural, but shaving my head was the beginning of a very special journey for me.  It was like a tiny rebirth.  It was freeing and cleansing to my soul.  Not only did I end up loving my bald head,  I’m actually kind of stuck on it now.  Well I guess I’m stuck period, because even though I’m excited about, and can picture my big, natural fro and all the beautiful natural styles I’m going to be able to do once my hair grows out, I also want to wear it very close for a while.  I like my new image.
Decisions, decisions! 

I’ve been fortunate too, for my going natural has also led to some very wonderful and exciting new opportunities for me.  This contest being the first great thing! 
Thank you to all the sponsors, the judges, and to Ms. Going Natural dot com herself, Mireille Liong-A-Kong, for allowing me to participate in the first ever Miss Nappturality Pageant!  There have been so many new things to come my way because of this contest – because of you.  I’m truly grateful.

And one of the wonderful things I have learned that comes along with going natural is the wave of new people – real people, conscious people – who are being drawn to me,  and likewise I’m equally being drawn to.  I feel like I’ve been allowed to enter this sacred circle of people who have been patiently awaiting my transformation and enlightenment.
Home at last!. 
Home at last!
-and so glad to be here.
And that’s real.

Peace Everybody,


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