LeAnne on Challenge 7

LeAnne on Challenge 7

LeAnne of Naptural Roots MagazineWow ladies!  You continue to amaze me and step up your game! Excellent job on this challenge. Continue to think out the box and bring your top model game! All of you are beautiful women and easily could be the Next Natural Model (Top Model Quality)!  Now is the time to set yourself apart from the pack ladies! Bring you A+ GAME for the last challenge. Think outside the box, challenge yourself, your makeup artist, your clothing, your photographer.  This IS the next level and you guys are awesome! My top choice for this challenge was Kala! 

Kala’s photos were definitely TOP MODEL quality from beginning to end. She thought through the accessories, clothing, makeup, hair, and environment. Her photos are easily something I can see in a high fashion magazine or on the cat walk at a couture fashion show! When I said last week that the models needed to step their game up with every challenge, Kala took it to heart and implemented beautifully!

Reshonda – Really thought through the challenge. I love that she really thought about the hat, the shapes in the hat and how to make it the focal point of her pictures!  The beaded bib pictures were exceptional! She had complete looks in both pictures! I can definitely see Top Model qualities and would definitely put her pictures in a magazine spread! She was my second choice.

Nefertiti – pictures are simple elegance. They show the products well and Nefertiti has the ability to speak with her eyes and her expressions: very Top Modelish!  I would have chosen a different colored dress for the hat because in the full length pictures, the black is what keeps drawing my eye first, not the hat. The makeup was soft and pretty, but I would have liked to see more a more dramatic eye.

Desray – loved the eye makeup and the pieces. She thought about the hat and the feeling that it invoked for her and made her background match. Good job! I would, however, have liked to see her put the accessories with an outfit to give complete look – something new that a consumer possibly wouldnt at first think about doing. Think outside the box and put the pieces with some funky clothing for a fun look.

Chassity – Unfortunately, Chassity is my choice for last place in this challenge. I just did not see the Top Model quality in this photoshoot that I saw in many of the other ladies photos. Chassity is a beautiful woman and has the ability to convey feeling and emotion with her eyes and facial expressions. I Wish I would have seen the necklace as a very close up shot just framing the necklace and her face. I cannot see the intricate details of the necklace from the distance she has provided.  The clothing did not match the elegance of the necklace. Is this necklace something you would ideally wear out to the grocery store?  That is what I got from the pictures, but not what I get when I see the necklace.  I loved the pictures with the hat and the contrast of the colors pink, brown, grey background. The makeup was elegant and I liked that she kept her hair fluffly under the hat. AGain, I would have loved more close-up pictures of her face and the hat and I would have loved a simple necklace to adorn her neck (with the hat).

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