Latrenia on Challenge 6

Latrenia on Challenge 6

Latrenia BryantJust a reminder,  this week the challenge was to create a breath taking never-to-forget wedding style.

ReShonda– Your two- in-one braided spiral rod set style is beautiful!  The Cowrie shells added to your naturally wonderful Afro centric look. You showed the hair and the headpiece very well..however there wasn’t a whole lot of range when it came to your poses and facial expressions. It would have been nice to have seen at least one photo displaying your entire look from head to toe. It’s only because of bridal bouquet I gathered you were representing a bride. Shots 1,6 and 10 are nice because the look “believable” meaning relaxed and not forced. All-in-all you look beautiful and did a nice job. Beautiful photos.

 Chassity-  You looked like a bride..very believable!  Your photos make me WANT this look/headpiece. The hair style was gorgeous. The photos are good although the white veil in the first photo is a little blown out (meaning it lacks details) but one still knows it was a bridal veil. In the 4th photo you appear angelic..nice!  It’s obvious, the camera loves you. You photograph beautifully but I would like to see you push it a little bit more and not rest on being “beautiful” If that makes sense but for this challenge brides are beautiful and I feel like you met the challenge.

Kala- Kala!! Is that you!!? Wow! Last week I wanted you out but not this week. That gorgeous smile, the beautiful crown of gems, the wonderful playful photos, the windblown  hair and seductive look you gave in photo #7 made you one of my favorites this week. It would have been nice to have seen the crown gems with actually wedding attire and your teeth are a little blown out (lack detail) in some photos but all-in-all you stepped it up this week. GOOD JOB!

Nefertiti-  Unfortunately this would not be a look I would want. The hair and photos were blah/bland/dull.  Nothing really stood out. Your attempt at elegant and romantic just looks like bad late 80’s/early 90’s wedding or prom hair…you know ..big hair that’s gathered back away from the face with a few strands spiraling down in the front. Unfortunately, you haven’t loosened up much in your photos. You should be more relaxed and comfortable because you look stiff and posed in your photos. As a photographer myself, I say this not to be funny but to be honest…you might want to seek out another photographer..someone who can help you relax and produce better images.  

Jalitia– I like that you chose a non typical color veil but when you choose something out of the ordinary you have to be prepared to bring it .. sell it!! and I think you missed the mark on doing that. The headpiece is beautiful and I get that you wanted to portray sweetness and yes, you do look “sweet” I just think you could have pushed it more. We’re near the end..don’t rest on sweetness.  On a better note, photo #3 is the best and your hairstyle in the last photo is fabulous. I’m a fan of SOME shadows in photos but not too much that it distracts and hide key elements in the photos like in photo #1 plus over exposure/too much blown out details is a sure killer in regards to a lot of images such as your pic #6.

Carlie–  Looove your essay/story. Your tresses look beautiful but the style was a bit blah/dull. You say you were going for a soft romantic tone in your photos this week.. I could see that but the eye makeup was a bit heavy if that was the case. Unfortunately, the headpiece looked better as a necklace than it did as a actually hair piece. Photo #1 is decent but the others fell flat because of the overall look of the photo itself, your poses and facial expressions. Again, like I expressed in another’s critique ..don’t rest on being “beautiful” now is the time to step it up. Your looks did not sell me on the headpiece nor did it make me want the look.

Desyray- I love your ringlets/flat twist style. I wish I could have seen this look with actual wedding attire or a simple dress on because this is a bridal challenge. I like models to make me BELIEVE what they are selling. The shoot looks like it could be for a hair magazine not anything bridal related and with that being said, yes I would want your hair and style but not in regards to a wedding.  The makeup isn’t something I could see a bride wearing especially since you said you chose a style that was simple and classy. All-in-all, the shells are nice but I wish you had gotten a different headpiece. I predicted you would have the shells  just because you see that a lot with loc wearers. Your photos were decent. Just remember to relax looked posed. I want you to be more natural in front of the camera.

My top 3 in no particular order:   ReShonda, Kala and Chassity  

My pick to exit the competition:  Nefertiti

My challenge winner:  Chassity (with ReShonda being very very close)

Just want to say ladies, it’ll soon be over and this is the time to step up your game and think outside the box. Bring it. Stop resting on “pretty” and just MODEL. We know you’re all gorgeous! Loosen up and don’t think about your poses b/c that’s what make you look stiff and unbelievable in some of your photos. Good Luck ladies!

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