Latrenia on Challenge 3

Again photographically speaking on the overall look of the photos…

Desyray– I like your makeup and being a loc wearer myself I can clearly see your locs are beautiful and the style  is nice but a photo no-no would be standing directly in front of a pole or an item that will have distracting things sticking out behind your head. It distracts away from the subject unless the photographer fills the frame eliminating those distracting elements.. The 2nd photo is one of the better one but even that the branches are distracting. Definitely not liking the photo covering up your neck. Elongating the neck in photos are attractive and it shows confidence.   

Carlie– I love the “How to achieve this style” section that was a good idea and nice touch. I like that you attempted to give us different looks. In regards to the photo with the blue background, I feel in this photo your eyes and smile are best and you look beautiful but the photo itself is not good, the background is cheesy and I’m not a fan of cutting a person out of the original photo and placing them into a different background and that’s what this photo appears to be. I love your eyes in the last photo but I don’t like the way the photo has been cropped to close to your chin. Although you gave the excuse of not being able to see the flower because of the darkness of the hair I know for a fact that even a dark flower can read beautifully in a photo. Over all the photos are substandard.  

Jalita-I like your makeup. Adding the directions on how to achieve this look is good! and I do love a good Mohawk style. The long maxi like you’re wearing would have been perfect to really rock this look but I feel you fell weak with displaying Mohawk style. I could not tell it was even a Mohawk until I got to last photo. Over all the photos are weak and your modelling needs some work. Your eyes look lifeless and you have to remember to MOVE in a photo. Don’t just stand there, remember you’re wanting the readers and viewers to want your look! Models sell a look.  

Kala– Loooove the tuck and roll style! Gorgeous, you sold me on that style with the main photo and the last photo. I feel you should work on the way you hold your mouth and at times your eyes can look a little lifeless as well. Again, cropping a photo to close to the chin is a no no and makes for a bad photo. I like the overall styling of your look and the bright colors are fun. 

Chassity– FABULOUS! You had me at the first photo. Gorgeous make up, beautiful hairstyle, love the flower, beautiful photos..I would want to be natural looking at your pictures. You sold it well.  In regards to the styling I would not have added the lace sweater jacket but other than that you look beautiful although you do look a little “lost (without emotion)” in the face in the 4th work on that. Over all I’m satisfied! 

ReShonda– Muuuuuuch better! I love the look you’re giving in your main photo but I’m not a fan of the way you’re holding that back shoulder. Beautiful hair, love the flower, Looove the bright brilliant colors in your wrap and makeup. Not liking the waterfall photo or the second photo after that one but other than that I thought you represented the twist out style beautifully! I would want this style by looking at your photos.

Natasha–  I’m liking the twisted knot set style. I wish I could have seen more of the colorful printed top or dress you had on considering your makeup was beautifully done. I feel being in a less distracting background would have made your look pop more but because of the exotic makeup and the distracting background the hair got lost in the mist but then again it might not have it the photos were done better. Photos 2-4 you were not modelling at all. Remember you’re selling a look. I wish I could have seen the ENTIRE style on at least 1 photo. 

Justyce– I looove your smile! You have such a fun smile it makes me smile when I see it. Considering this style was achieved with one hand I really love it. It’s a beautiful 2-in-1 style. Not liking the small flower or Flower Lei around the hairline but I can appreciate what you were attempting to do. Same with you, remember you are modelling,  your photos were ok but didn’t stand out. 

Nefertiti– I like your twist on the French roll .. very nice. No liking the hugh flower. In regards to that particular photo, I’m not liking your overall look and expression. The 3-5 photos are nice but overall I wasn’t sold on wanting this look. In regards to styling I wish I could have seen the ENTIRE look in at least one of the photos. You look cute but I need you to MODEL and sell me on your look.


Ladies, I know this is about hair but don’t be shy in regards to showing off your entire overall style in at least 1 photo. Readers are inspired by an entire look. 

In conclusion, my least favorite and uninspiring for this challenge and the one I would eliminate would be Jalita. My favorite for this challenge would be: Chassity!    


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