Kumba OUT:Boldly Big and Bright

Kumba OUT:Boldly Big and Bright
The Kumba Out
The Kumba Out

Challenge 3: Kumba Out 

Instruction Shots: 

Nothing is as fun as trying out new hair products and styles!  The Kumba Out is simple, and a very realistic style for anyone who is always on the run or just likes quick and easy.  In the last challenge, I sampled the products, so I new exactly what products I wanted to use.  I washed my hair and then put the shea butter all over my head to moisturize.  I put a light towel on my head to let my hair dry a bit before I tried the Kumba twists (I could have blown my hair dry a bit – but decided against it as I had time to let it air dry- and it’s healthier for your hair.  If I was in a hurry I would just blow it a bit drier).

After a few hours, I took off the towel and started parting sections, combing sections, and then twisting/tucking as Mireille’s howed in her video.  Initially, I found it difficult to tuck my hair in and have it stay, but I eventually got the hang of it..I found that if I literally tucked the end through the base of the hair section it would stay.  Once I got the hang of this it was seemed SO simple! I did this all over my head, putting the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk on each section.  These Natural Hair products made my hair easy to comb and helped smooth out my ends.  I did about 14 sections.  It took about 35 minutes, it was most difficult in the back, but I kept twisting and tucking and eventually I was successful! 


The Curly Twist Out Hair Milk made my hair soft and manageable.  To be honest, I need to trim my ends as I have a bit of color in my hair…I was worried as to what the ends would look like because the Kumba Out creates a looser curl pattern.  I didn’t want a look that was too frizzy.  BUT.  I do love big hair, and I these products didn’t weigh down my hair and I was able to take apart the twists and make my hair BIG BIG BIG without adding too much frizz.   I’ll definitely add this style to my rotation.  It’s easy and quick.  I love love love low maintenance “dos.”  


Shot A – Parting the hair.

Shot B – Twisting the hair. 

Shot C – Twist then tuck! 

Shot D – Almost complete, the last Kumba! 

Shot E – The next morning after I untwisted  my hair.  🙂


Billboard/Magazine Shots

Because the Kumba Out originates from Suriname, and I am unfamiliar, I did a little research.  Suriname is located in South America, yet Dutch is it’s official language.  Interesting, yet not surprising as the Dutch colonized Suriname.  I learned that Suriname is extremely diverse in language, and people.  I used its’ flag to coordinate my outfits, as the flags colors are green, yellow, and red.  I also tried to use bright bold colors to represent Suriname’s incredible diversity.   Looking at pictures of its’ people, you see such incredible beauty from the dark silky skin of Africa, to the smooth brown skin of India and China.  I think bold colors are a good representation of such a bold history.  When I think about Suriname, I think of a country with incredible and diverse roots, a sense of perseverance as people fought for freedom from slavery and colonization.  It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that Suriname abolished slavery and then not until 1975 that they were “granted” Independence.   

Shot F – I tried to depict type of bold defiance…and of course I am rocking the colors of the Suriname flag in most of these shots.

Shot G – I feel like I’m smiling..almost with a bit of sarcasm.  Holding using my hands to highlight my hair – big a free.  

Shot H – Loving the bold color. 

Shot I – You know you LOVE this hair.  Go Kumba! 

Shot J – You can really see the curl and how it’s much looser than my natural curl and it’s much more stretched.  I just pinned the side back for character.  


I had fun on this shoot.  Go Kumba.  I look forward to adding it to my hair rotation.  Tuck and twist.  I’m loving quick and easy.  


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