Kcurly’s Picks

Kcurly’s Picks

Kcurly judge on ANNM 2012Carlie M is my pick for the winner this week. Runner’s up for me would be Natasha, Nefertiti and Jalita. 

Carlie M

I probably enjoyed your essay the most out of all the models. I think the “you are in control” message would resonate with a lot of ladies out there who are suffering from damaged hair. The shot of your hair when damaged versus healthy was very dramatic and got your point across well. The photos themselves were beautifully taken and I liked that your styles included an undo.  Gorgeous hair, makeup…the whole package!


Natasha S. Houston

I loved reading your story as you seemed to go through a vicious cycle of damage since childhood. The poses and pictures you chose were very unique and cute, especially the shot with the straight haired doll. The one that stood out for me was you in the floral dress with your arms spread as if to say “I’m free!”. Lovely hair, clothes, and makeup! 


Good for you for showing that relaxers are not the only way to damage your hair. A lot of naturals still put their hair through a much abuse and have the same mindset: that their hair is “invincible”.  I enjoyed the photos, which seemed to recount your past choices resulting in damaged hair,  ending with the serene natural lady gazing in the mirror while sporting a healthy head of hair. Loved it!


I really liked the shots of you looking in the mirror. The stand alone shot of you wearing your fro proudly is stunning. Beautiful hair, skin, and makeup. The picture of you tangled up in the weave, products, and appliance is very reflective of how women of color become overwhelmed by such things. Overall, great job. 

Justyce Chavez

Your blowout is very pretty but after a monologue about how one recovers from damage, I would hope to see more styles that are not as potentially damaging. I love a good blowout too, but I think that a style accomplished without heat would’ve been better suited to the spirit of this challenge. The braided updo/style you were wearing the first picture looks pretty but I wish I could see more of it.  

I like the colors you’re wearing and the natural looking makeup. Very nice!

Kala G. 

I’m enjoying the accessories and hairstyles you chose, though I think your shots could be spiced up a bit. I do like the focus on transitioning from either relaxed or heat damage hair, and that your styles reflect that. The undo is especially a chic style for someone transitioning and going for a professional look. You made good points in that the hair should be treated gently. 

Desyray Keizer

Your story of having the courage to get rid of the damaged hair and embrace your newly natural self was beautiful.  It was excellent that you addressed the fear that women often have about cutting their hair because they feel that short hair will lessen their attractiveness. Your photos were absolutely gorgeous and showcased your TWA well, but I would have loved to have seen pictures of the locs you spoke of. 

Natural Jael

I found your approach very interesting because you bypassed mention of relaxers, heat and weaves (perhaps because you’ve never dealt with any of that?). However, careful handling of the hair is very important and can be a cause of damage when one does not know the nature of natural hair. So I applaud your advice. 

I love your first two shots and think your skin and makeup are lovely. However, I wish you’d included a little more variety in your last few poses. 

Chassity Bynum

Your story was very engaging and something that I think will ring true with a lot of naturals out there. Your skin and brows are beautiful. 

 The showcasing of different styles was great but I think you should’ve played around with more poses. 

ReShonda Parker

Your hair in that first picture is lovely and lush but the other pictures were kind of repetitive and didn’t really stand out to me. I understand that you were trying to show damage inducing practices but I couldn’t really tell what exactly you were trying to get across. For example, I didn’t understand if that was supposed to be a weave in the latter pictures or your hair before you started taking care of it. I also didn’t understand if you were throwing away the hair products and curling iron or if you were about to use it (in reference to when your haircare practices were lacking).  

I also think that you could’ve been more specific about  the types of damages you suffered or perhaps specifically what changed for you. 

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