Kcurly – Week 6

Kcurly – Week 6


I don’t think what you did was quite how the styling was supposed to be. It was a good effort though. I did not like the psychedelic backgrounds that you added to some of your pictures.


Good job changing up your poses this week. I liked the variation. I also thought the different headwraps were beautiful!  You have that technique down. However, what that technique is, I can’t tell from your pictures. I think maybe you should’ve used a different color fabric and also better lighting with closer shots so we could see what was going on.


Excellent product placement! Your instructions were clear and concise. The pictures went well with the explanations. Good job. I loved the shots of your “doodles” afterwards.


I am loving that first picture of you surrounded by the products. It really stuck out and you looked so laid back and beautiful. You gave good instructions and upkeep tips. The after shots were gorgeous, I loved the vibrant colors.


Your doodles came out nicely but I think you could’ve gone more indepth on the explanation of how to do them both with your words and your pictures. I also was a little disappointed with the variety of your aftershots. I’ve gotten so used to you going all out with them.


Very nice, thorough instructions. Your after shots were beautiful, as usual.


Your instructions were a little too brief, though the pictures seemed appropriate. You had beautiful results and looked gorgeous but I would’ve liked to have seen some different poses and shots.

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