Kcurly on Week 6

This was super hard! Everyone did a fantastic job!

Chassity, this looked like an actual bridal shoot. I loved how your hair was styled and I think it really showcased the hair piece without taking away from it. 

Desyray, though I liked the hairstyle, I wish I could see your locs sometime uncurled. The curled locs did, in this case, compliment the headpiece however. I did not like the eye makeup as I did not think it was in line with what most brides would wear. 

Nefertiti, you had a very soft, romantic look going on. I got the feeling of “blushing bride”. Loved the updo and the tendrils

ReShonda, you were gorgeous as usual. Lovely hair, makeup, everything. My only complaint is that I could see a tattoo on your arm in one of the pictures. My eye was immediately drawn to it. Perhaps next time you could cover it with makeup or hide it in some other way. You looked like you were happy and excited, as brides should be. Fantastic job!

Kala, absolutely beautiful!! I loved that you showed the hairpiece with two different styles. You have a dynamite smile and it was in full effect during this shoot. The Valentine’s Day pictures were sassy and gorgeous! 

Jalita, though you looked beautiful, most of your pictures were either too shadowy or too bright. I couldn’t really appreciate your beauty, headpiece, and hair because I was too distracted by those two things. 

Carlie, your hair and the way you arranged the headpiece was lovely. However, even though I knew you were going for a soft romantic look, I got more of a sad or pensive feeling from your poses rather than a feeling of anticipation, love and/or excitement. 


My favorite this week was Chassity, followed closely by Kala. My least favorite was Jalita. 

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