Kcurly on Week 4

I picked Timolin as my favorite for this challenge. Nina and Denitrika came in close!



The simply colored backgrounds and your choice of clothing color (black) really help bring focus to your beautiful skin tone and make up application. Let me say that you have the smoky and sultry stare down pat! But I would really love to see some jubilant expressions as well to fully get the full range of the makeups effects. I also liked your choice in hairstyle as it gave off both a flirty and sophisticated feel.


I enjoyed how you paired the earrings with different accessories, giving you a different look each time. I think the fro was a good choice in hairstyle because it still allows a lot of focus on the earrings while complimenting them as well. Great job!


You have a smile that is verging on adorable! The makeup looked flawless on you. Your shoot had a carefree, young, and light feeling. I do think that a few of the shots had lighting that was a bit too bright and did not fully reveal the coloring. Overall, though, loved it!!



Your pictures had a fresh faced feel for a wonderful everyday look. I liked the choice of clothing and the scarf. Even though I do enjoy the everyday look, I do feel that you’ve could’ve shaken things up a bit more with a bit more color in some shots or perhaps a few action shots.


Again, very fresh feeling to these photos. I liked the outside lighting and your hair framing the earrings.


I am digging the dramatic and bold feel to your photos! The poses ranged from sexy to thoughtful, just loved it. I also loved how your makeup changed based on your poses and the feel of each photo.


I didn’t feel like I got the full effect of the earrings you were showing off. I still felt like your photos were great shots of you but I don’t feel the focus was on the jewelry.


Make up

Your photos were absolutely stunning. Your makeup and hair were just great. There were some fantastic full face shots in there as well. Your look was class, simple, and effortless! Loved it!


Same here! I especially loved the different hairstyles you paired with the earrings. The first photo of you in black and white and the earrings in color particularly stood out.



These shots were very soft and feminine. I liked your gentle expression but would have liked to see more variety in both your face and poses.


Again, very soft and feminine shots. However, I think you would have benefited from closer shots to showcase the jewelry more.



These shots were all gorgeous! Your updo really helps to accentuate your facial features and the makeup. Your poses have the feel of a woman getting ready to go out on the town for a night of fun! I loved it all.


Because the item you were showcasing has such a unique feel and color, I think it’s imperative that your clothing compliment that. And it did! Again, I love the updo here too. I also liked how you were having fun with the jewelry not just wearing it.



I liked the shots but the photos were too bright (or maybe the lighting was too bright?) so I didn’t feel like I got an accurate effect of the makeup. I feel like you could’ve done more here to attract attention as far as your posing goes. I loved the shot where you were looking directly into the camera with a beautiful smile.



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