Kcurly on Week 2

Kcurly on Week 2

Kala G
I loved your head wrap and accessories. In your essay, I like how you focused on hair health beneath the wrap and how you fit it into your daily fashion. I also liked your transition into how you feel wearing the wrap versus how our people suffered in the past and Dr. King’s hand in that. Simple and short, but to the point. 

Carlie M
Once again, I am loving your pictures though some did have a grainy quality.  Your wraps were elegant and I particularly liked your balancing the basket of flowers on your head, which I’m assuming is in reference to your family’s past practice of doing so. Good job but I would work on the photo quality.

Beautiful! Your shots were gorgeous but I would’ve loved to have seen you do more with the wrap. I enjoyed reading what you loved about wearing head wraps. Concerning the Harriet Tubman portion, I understand what you were trying to say as head wraps were a much different thing during slavery. If anything, it is a testament to our fortitude that we were able to make what used to be a sign of servitude into a sign of elegance and style. 

I was impressed with how you gave the hat two different flavors by playing around with the way your hair was arranged beneath it. Nice job! I also loved the make up, outfit and scarf. You are so right about hats setting a tone. 

ReShonda Parker
Awesome job! I am loving the head wraps, accessories, hair, and poses. They all scream casually elegant. Your message was also wonderful.  

I like how you touched on a lot of issues that surround head wraps such as wearing them to work. I can tell that you really do wear them as a regular part of your routine. Your shots were engaging and regal. I do kind of wish you had shaken things up a bit with more accessories or played around with more colors. The shots were beautiful though.

Chassity Bynum
Your skin and head wrap were fabulous, but I wanted a little more variety in both the poses and also the style of the wrap.  If you were going to wear just one style with the wrap, I would’ve at least like to have seen different angles of it.  Other than that, your effort was excellent.

Justyce Chavez
I want to say that I loved how you showed both a casual and more professional combination of wearing a wrap. My favorites were the pictures with the blazer. I did like the way you had your wrap in the casual pictures but I have to wonder if you’re transitioning or have some damage? I apologize if you don’t, but for future challenges, I would spend some time working on some ways to style your hair (perhaps some perm rods on the ends might help?) so that the ends curl more. 

Natasha S. Houston
I don’t think these pictures did you justice at all. I’m not usually that picky on the photography, but even I could tell that these shots were very unflattering. Not only that, but I couldn’t properly see where/how the wrap was tied. I did enjoy your essay however. 

What happened, girl? I have to believe that there was some kind of mistake when you were putting in your entry. There are only two photos and they’re exactly the same. I also can’t see what’s going on with the head wrap. There is also no mention of MLK in your essay. 

My top picks would be Chassity, Jalita, ReShonda, and Nefertiti. 


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