Jayme Goodwin ANNM 2013

Jayme Goodwin ANNM 2013

It is such amazing feeling to be awarded this honor. It feels great to be a representative of this company and a role model for natural hair as well. 


Congratulations ANNM 2013! How does this make you feel?
It is such amazing feeling to be awarded this honor. It feels great to be a representative of this company and a role model for natural hair as well.

You had to wait a couple of days extra for the results. What went through your mind, what did you feel when you read that email that announced the winner?
The last couple of days were rough. I’ll admit, I was very anxious and checked my email every five minutes for two days straight. But reading the judges final comments made all the waiting worth it. I felt a mix of excitement, relief, and joy.

So, lets go back to the beginning for a moment; how did you hear about the competition and how did you decide what pictures to send in?
Jayme winner of ANNM 2013When I first heard about the competition, I had just begun to truly embrace my natural hair. I was searching the internet for natural hair styles and advice when I came across going-natural.com. I was astonished by all of the helpful information for women with natural hair. When I saw that this site sponsored a competition called “America’s Next Natural Model,” I knew that I wanted to participate during the next season. I decided to send in pictures from one of the only photo shoots I had done at the time.

Can you please tell us what you do in real life and how you combined this competition with your day to day activities? Did you model before?
I am currently a student at the University of California, Berkeley. I also babysit part time and manage the women’s basketball team at my college. It was tough to combine this competition with my daily activities. My days went from early in the morning to late at night almost everyday with the combination of school, work, and photo shoots. I had each day planned out ahead of time so it was easier for me to balance my activities. I had done a few photo shoots before this competition, but nothing professional.

People very often underestimate this competition because it’s an online competition but I know the hard work and dedication it takes. What was the hardest part of the competition for you?
This competition is not for the weak hearted. You definitely have to be willing to put your all into it to get the best results possible. The hardest part for me was balancing all of my activities. Some weeks I was only in town for a few days because I had to travel for basketball and I had to make sure I did my shoot and my write-up before I left. This was very challenging at times.

Of all the eight challenges, which was the toughest one and why? And which one was the most fun?
The toughest one for me was Challenge 3, the Kumba Out Challenge. For some reason, I just could not get this hairstyle down, but I will definitely try and master it soon. The challenge that was the most fun was Challenge 8 the I Love My Fro/Soul Seed Tee challenge. I was really able to connect to the sponsored items in this challenge and it was so much fun shooting at various locations.

America’s Next Natural Model is designed so that aspiring natural models learn to methodically approach a photo shoot and to think beyond a model’s level; to think about the complete setup, photographer, location, style etc. Do you think you’ve learned any of these things?
I have definitely developed an insight on the methodical approach of a model. Each week after getting the details of the challenge, I sat down and wrote out everything that I would use for that challenge. I had to decide my hair styles, my makeup, wardrobe, location, even accessories. Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest impact on the look and feel of the shoot. I especially had to make sure that everything I did in the shoot appealed to what the sponsor wanted and advertised their product well.

Video shoot for Gruvi Juice

Who do you think was your closest competitor?
It was difficult to tell which model was ahead each week because every week all of the modes had excellent pictures. But if I had to choose just one, I think my closest ANNM competitor was Farah . She always had great pictures and was very determined.

Who were your biggest supporters?
My biggest supports would have to be my family, friends, and my photographers. It was so great to have a wide array of support throughout the competition, it definitely made the process easier.

How did you go by setting up your team? How did you get photographers, stylists and everyone to help you?
I actually came across my main photographer, Jennifer Siu, through a mutual friend. I am so lucky to have found her! She did a great job and was really flexible with the entire process. My other photographers were also flexible and I am so thankful that I was able to work with all of these wonderful people. I was my own stylist for this competition. I did all of my own hair and makeup and I also picked out my wardrobe from my closet. My family and my friends were my support system and it was nice that they had my back.

Who came up with the themes for the shoot?
For the most part, I came up with all of the themes however I had help from my friends and photographers.

You won the main price of $1.000. Any plans on how you are going to spend it?
To be honest, I haven’t figured out how I will spend it yet. For now I think I will save it 🙂

You also won a photo shoot with Going-Natural sponsored by Sula NYC. What do you think of that?
I am so excited for this photo shoot!! Since I am from California, I rarely get to go to the east coast let alone NYC. It is going to be such a tremendous opportunity I feel so blessed! I cannot wait!!

What were your favorite products?
Definitely the Curly Twist Out Hair Creme and the Detox Deep Conditioner Light. All of the products at Going Natural are great but these two are my favorites. I like the hair milk because it is so multi-useful. I can use it for twist outs, braid outs, or even just if my hair needs extra moisture.

I have discovered recently that I can also have great curl definition using this product. I simply spray a section of my hair with water, detangle, apply the milk from root to tip and then I take my denman brush and brush my hair from root to tip. This essentially shingles that whole section of hair and my curl definition is flawless.

I like the Curl Keeper Light as well. This product also has many uses. I can also use this product for curl definition. I like using it if I am doing a style such as flat twists or cornrows because it makes them look hydrated and last longer. This also works well if you are doing a set such as a straw or flexi-rod set.

What was your favorite photo/photo shoot?
One of my favorite pictures of myself is the one with the white hat in the accessory challenge. I really like the lightening in this picture and I think my eyes tell a story.

I also like the one of me in the Jamaican Mango and Lime challenge when I am putting the Limes in front of my eyes. That photo shoot was a lot of fun! There were a couple of pictures I liked from the curl definition challenge. That I really liked. For this photo shoot I really wanted to focus on looking “fierce” haha. In challenge 8, I really enjoyed shooting with the I Love My Fro products that was so much fun. I also like the picture of myself in the orange dress on the rooftop.

Last word?
To aspiring models the number one advice I would give is to be yourself. Confidence is key and is apparent in pictures. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and try new things. I had a lot of “crazy” ideas on paper but once they were put into practice my ideas did not look crazy at all.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and believed in me throughout this entire process. It was really great to have so much support. A big thanks goes to my photographers: Jennifer Siu, Vanessa Karel, Abbas Khalid, Sonjhai Megette, and Steve Babuljak. My support team: My mother, my grandmother, and my aunt. My best friends: Anjali Ranadive and Diane Leider and finally Erik Williams who filmed and edited my videos.

Jennifer Siu: jennifersiu.carbonmade.com
Vanessa Karel: karelphotogallery.wix.com/vanessakarel
Abbas Khalid: www.modelmayhem.com/2864180
Sonjhai Meggette: esotericimages.com
Steve Babuljak: babuljak.com/index.html

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