Jalita’s St.Tropez look by Iman

Jalita’s St.Tropez look by Iman

When I saw Iman’s headshot, I noticed that it was very calm, but striking at the same time. Although her lips were slightly extended to create a smile, she smiled intensely with her eyes. This allured me to look at her elegant eye shadow and the glow of her structured face that Iman’s cosmetics created. I used this observation to approach my challenge by keeping the viewer fixed on the makeup.

Jalita for ANNM and Iman Cosmetics

For the base, we concealed small blemishes and gave my skin an even complexion using Iman’s Luxury Radiance liquid makeup. Then, to ensure that my make up was captivating, my makeup artist applied a heavier touch on the eye-shadow and eyeliner. We used the St. Tropez eye-shadow #4 heavily on the brow bone to make it look “smokey” and the St. Tropez eye-shadow #2 on the eye-lid to give it a nice glow. Then we finished the eyes with Iman’s Perfect Mascara and her St. Tropez eyeliner. We used the pink hues of blush #1 to make my face pop, and her bronzer around the forehead, chin, and both corner’s of my eyes to give my face that regal glow. We finished my entire face using lipstick #2 followed by lip gloss #2.

Jalita-for Americas-Next-Natural-Model-Iman-Cosmetics1

In Iman’s headshot, she pulled her look together by wearing leopard print and gold jewelry.  She also used a simple brown background to keep it subtle and rich. I wanted to accomplish this look but make it my own. I did this by incorporating my own leopard print scarf and gold jewelry. The purpose of the jewelry in particular was to give the viewer a powerful and exotic vibe of St. Tropez. Also, I balanced the safari feel of the leopard print with a sleek black jumpsuit to give my photos a classy appeal. Everything from the outfit, the jewelry, and the background was meant to bring out Iman’s makeup and represent what I feel Iman’s brand is all about: ELEGANCE.


Jalita-for Americas-Next-Natural-Model-Iman-Cosmetics3


Jalita-for Americas-Next-Natural-Model-Iman-Cosmetics3  Jalita-for Americas-Next-Natural-Model-Iman-Cosmetics2






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