I am Eve

I am Eve

Join the EDEN Body Works Experience to restore and maintain your body’s original design.

This challenge has by far been the most challenging for me. I have been really sick this week so it’s been hard to keep my energy up and plan and organize the photo shoot as well as look good for the photos.

I was really excited about the EDEN Body Works Experience and using the products. First I used the All Natural Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo. I really loved the smell; it is amazing! I would have liked it to have more lather to it, but I also know that lather isn’t great for the hair because the products that create the lather are usually very harsh for the hair. Lather is something that I need to let go of and this product definitely assists with that, it’s all about hair health! It worked very well and left my hair clean and smelling heavenly!  I really appreciated that after washing my hair with this shampoo, it was still soft! Usually the shampoos that I’ve tried strip my hair and my hair doesn’t become soft again until I condition.

Next, I used the All Natural Peppermint & Tea Tree Conditioner which I loved. It conditions your hair and gives your scalp a fresh tingling feeling. It also smells good enough to eat!

Then, I used the All Natural Peppermint & Tea Tree Hair Milk; this was my favorite product because it has been hard for me to find a leave-in conditioner that I was satisfied with. This leave-in conditioner met my expectations and more by leaving my hair nice, soft, and moisturized with no residue.

Finally, while styling my hair, I used the Jojoba All Natural Temple Balm. I applied and massaged in a small amount to the roots of my hair before finger coiling each section. I like this product because I do a lot of “protective styling” and with this product I don’t have to worry about my edges thinning.

 We had the least amount of time with this challenge so I was definitely worried about pulling off some good pictures when I felt and looked tired, and sick. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to do my hair and what I wanted to wear during this shoot. I wanted to use Jasmine’s vision of EDEN Body Works and incorporate her idea of the Garden of Eden into my pictures. I used the concept of a modern day woman whirled back into the Garden of Eden through using this product; like a modern day descendant of Eve connecting with her roots. After mulling this over, I decided to put my hair in finger coils because of its timeless appeal, this was my first time attempting this hairstyle and it gave my hair a loced look, which I could appreciate.  I wore a nice modern day purple blouse in order to bridge the gap between the original and the new. Hope you enjoy and vote for me!


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Tiana for America's Next Natural Model


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