Girls love curls

Girls love curls

Love your locs and add some curls!  Bouncy, free and especially for girls:)

Every girl loves curls, but not every girl knows how to create them.  You may think that using a curling iron is necessary to create the care free hairstyle of beautifully curled locs, but it actually takes no heat at all!  The beauty of having African American hair is that we have so many options…We can twist it, coil it, loc it, curl it, wave it, straighten it- you name it!  Depending on the products we use, the options are countless…


Have you ever tried Afro Curling Creme?  I recently tried it for the first time and loved the resultsJ  The only thing you need to do before starting is to wash and condition your hair so that it is clean and wet- in order to create healthy looking bouncy curls.


Necessary items:


-Afro Curling Creme

-A long tooth comb


Step 1 


-Thoroughly apply product to wet/damp hair


Step 2


-Detangle sections of your hair to prepare for twist


Step 3


-Twist 10-12 sections of your hair


Step 4

-Let your sections set overnight 



Step 5 (Let loose)


-Unravel each twist, one by one

-Style as desired


Isn’t it great to have the option of curling your hair without heat?  This process will help keep your hair healthier and give you diversity in your hairstyles. 


Add some definition to your afro and get the curling creme to die for!



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