Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey on the Valentine’s Challenge

Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey on the Valentine’s Challenge

Nina Ellis Harvey natural model

Let me first say, this week’s challenge really produced some amazing photos.  I felt that all of the models went for different looks and very different takes on making a natural bride look her very best!  I was impressed with the settings, colors, looks and ways in which you each highlighted your head-pieces.  Most of all I liked the romantic concepts and feel of the shoots.  Thanks for showing us your looks and styles!


Nina Ellis Harvey natural modelDesyray

Your photos were simply lovely, from the hair to the dress, necklace and setting.  I felt that your pictures were quite poised and worked very well.  The only suggestion I have is to ensure that you relax your face just a bit more.  You are so lovely, but I want to feel as if you are TRULY enjoying where you are, what you are doing and being in front of the camera.


You actually took me to the wedding. I loved how you looked so peaceful, so happy and serene.  I liked how simple your makeup was as well.  I would say continue to connect with the camera, remain very natural and simplistic.  The only thing I would have liked to see more of is perhaps a even closer pictures with your headpiece.  Otherwise, again, I was all smiles!


You were definitely one of my favorites this week.  Your pictures were soft and feminine.  I especially liked the pictures where you were smiling.  I felt I was able to see more of your personality and felt your emotion.  The 1st photos however were a bit dark.  Ensure you remember your lighting is your friend.


You are a beautiful woman ReShonda and I must say I liked your shoot.  I felt that you embodied the feeling of a wedding in your pictures.  However I would say that I felt that most of your pictures were quite the same.  You had some of the same background, settings and such.  I would have liked to see a few more poses, more movements and different backgrounds for your next shoots. 


I absolutely fell in love with your smile in this shoot.  Your first looks were angelic, happy and simply adorable.  I liked your ability to think outside of the box.  Your second set of pictures were seductive, feminine and stunning.  You gave us 2 sides and this is why you were a favorite as well.  However, I will say, I felt more of a wedding feel would have been nice.  When looking at print, I want to not only vision a style, but also how I would fit into my setting with such a look.  Make sure you take the theme to the next level for your next shoots.  Overall, BRAVO!


I think you are a stunning young woman.  I felt that your hair and skin look amazing in a majority of your photos.  You took great effort in the last pictures to show us the style.  However, I did feel that many of your pictures appeared slightly stiff and positioned much the same.  I would have liked to see more of you.  Versatility is key.  Show that you are confident with your headpiece on.  Own it and your surrounding.


The setting in your picture was lovely.  Your hair was beautiful and the white looked gorgeous.  However, your expressions were a bit flat.  I couldn’t feel your happiness, emotion or the romanticism you were attempting to exude.  You should ensure you connect more with your audience.  Help them feel what you feel and leave your photos inspired to take on the style you display. 

Words of advise for all.  Remember, as with every competition, you must stay focused.  However, have fun, loosen up and exude confidence in your photos.  Appear as if you own what you are doing and make all want to look at and enjoy your photos.  We as judges have our own point of view and feelings about your photos, however, take the critiques and use them to help you make improvements on things you feel should change as we get farther in the competition.  Also remember, you cant please everyone, BUT make sure that you are pleased with the effort you are putting forth.


My 2 favorites this week: Kala & Nefertiti

My least favorites this week: ReShonda & Jalita



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