Crown of Protection ..

Wrapped Around Your Nappy Hair. After numerous attempts of trying to create the perfect head wrap, I finally decided on a wrap that is stylish, cultural and napptural.

This wrap can be done with locs or an Afro, covered (like how I did it) or exposed at the end (back). Here are the steps:

2TuckBehindears.jpg picture by Nkosazana23

  1. Put your hair in a ponytail or bun
  2. Place middle of the scarf on forehead width wise.
  3. Tuck each long side behind your ears.
  4. Gather sides together in back of your head and cross the each side, like an X. Tight…but not too tight!
  5. Bring long remaining sides to the front and cross them in X shape on top of bun or ponytail
3CrissCrosssidesintheback.jpg picture by Nkosazana23

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  1. Repeat step 4
  2. Cross the sides in the back one more time
  3. Tuck in short ends in between the folds made by the crosses
6Crosssidesandsendtotheback-1.jpg picture by Nkosazana23


This head wrap style is a simple series of crosses, which can be use as a quick head wrap to keep your hair from becoming dry due to the weather or for a not so good hair day.

For either reason this satin head wrap shows one’s individuality and creativity while keeping your hair protected from harm…Anyway you wrap it!


B.jpg picture by Nkosazana23

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