Challenge 4

Just posted Challenge 4…ugh, it was tough narrowing down which photos to choose…But hopefully I made the right decisions!  This time around I spent a little more time on the article than usual.  When receiving the challenge, I worked on the article portion immediately and set up my photoshoot a little earlier b/c I am finding that it has become too difficult to submit in time!  I’ve been submitting at 1159 on the dot lol  b/c from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown I observe the Sabbath, so it gives me one less day to work on my submission b/c I avoid leisurely things and working etc…. But I think the time constraint makes me get on my grind even more (??) 

I enjoyed myself once again…Just got a package today from going natural.  Nu Ade’ is the product…Interested in finding out the Challenge for it:) 

P.s…I got a spider bite or something on my shoulder last week…I have to get it checked out ASAP!  Im very thankful I didnt get it on my face or anywhere visible (phew).  It itches like crazy though:(

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