Challenge 2… decisions, decisions!

Congratulations to everyone on fantastic entries. Challenge 2 was definitely more impressive than Challenge 1 and  your entries were all so beautiful and well thought out.

For me, one entry stood out more than the others. That entry was Karla’s


What impressed me about her essay was her attention to detail, her going above and beyond the call by doing more than what was asked of her. She researched the products and ingredients and was able to give us an insight into why we should use the products. Not only do they have a beautifying effect on the body, they are healthy and natural.

Beauty is a wonderful thing. Beauty at any cost, including using dangerous products, is not.  All the pretty pictures in the world do not change the effect on our bodies using poisonous products to achieve beauty causes.

In the photographs, I could not fault Teesha’s photographs.  They were flawless and the best photos of the competition yet. She pays close attention to detail which is so very important with cosmetic and personal care products. Her photos, the lighting, quality and composition are what all contestants should aspire to.

I would like to applaud all the contestants for their entries. I saw a marked improvement in everyone and look forward to future challenges.

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