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Judges on Challenge 4

Judges on Challenge 4

Hello again ladies,

Thank you for a wonderful week. I really enjoyed looking at all of your photos. All of us judges agreed that you’ve improved and we just love seeing that.

This week we didn’t all agree on the same winner but we agreed that Lydia Onimo and Jayme both had great photos! Yes you ladies, you brought your A-game, putting a smile on all of our faces. 

We didn’t really agree on the order but I am sorry to say that two of us thought that Angela’s photos were the weakest this week. Please read on.

Feedback of Dajuan Jones

1. Luds
Photos: The first thing that came to mind was “Lydia is bringing her A game this week!” 5 stars
Interpretation: Your rendition of this weeks challenge is spot on! 5 stars
Hairstyle: You’re hairstyle was appropriate for the Trendy Purple Hat. 5 stars
Write Up: Very nicely done. Discussed her hair treatment and the products. 5 stars
Dajuan JonesConnection: Yes! 5 stars

2. Suzu
Photos: I love how you’ve step things up this week! 4.5 stars
Interpretation: Nice interpretation of this weeks challenge. Adding the scene of the car with the hood up was thinking outside of the box! 5 stars.
Hairstyle: Loved your hairstyle! Very appropriate for this weeks challenge. 5 stars
Write Up: No mention of the products (accessories and hair). Big miss this week. 2 stars.
Connection: I’m seeing the growth! Bring more variation. One could copy & paste your month against the majority of the photos. But keep growing in this area! 4 stars

3. Farah
Photos: Wow, nicely done this week. I’m seeing so much growth in so many areas. 4.5 stars
Interpretation: You definitely interpreted the challenge this week. If it weren’t for some of the other contestatants thinking outside of the box … 4 stars
Hairstyle: Great style, and appropriate for the challenge. 5 stars
Write Up: Nice write up, but I was looking for a little more selling me on the product. 4 stars
Connection: Good job this week. Keep improving expression. Half the images have the same mouth expression. But the other half were awesome! 4.5 stars

4 Jayme
Photos: Very nicely done. It was great to see you pull together so many things this week. 5 stars
Interpretation: Your interpretation was on point. 4.5 stars
Hairstyle: Your hairstyle complimented this weeks challenge nicely. 5 stars
Write Up: This weeks challenge was a product shoot and I hoped you would sell me more on the product. 4 stars
Connection: Yes, yes! Less than half (~4) images appeared to have the same mouth position which allow the majority of your images to have really good vibrancy. 4.5 stars

5. Lydia
Photos: Nice photos. We have GOT to get you away from the walls in the studio. 4 stars
Interpretation: Nice interpretation and execution this week. 4.5 stars
Hairstyle: I love your hair. But wasn’t that the same style from week 1? 4 stars
Write Up: Great write up selling the product nicely 4.5 stars
Connection: Improved with the varied use of hands, position, etc. You’re giving it to the camera, but vary the eyes and moth for growth. 4 stars

6. Angela
Photos: I can see your growth as a model. I love the creativity in bring in a mirror! But in comparison, this weeks images are falling short. 3.5 stars
Interpretation: Your interpretation was good. 4 stars
Hairstyle: Love your hair, appropriate for this weeks shoot. 5 stars
Write Up: Was the last paragraph a good bye message? 3.5 stars
Connection: Yes, you’re making connection, but don’t be afraid to be bolder in doing so. 4 stars

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Feedback of Michelle George

Michele GeorgePicturesque Accessories for Every Wardrobe
I like how you share how you used CK in the shoot and how you styled your hair, complementing the styles with the purple hat. You rocked that hat and infused a bit of GN products into this challenge, smart. I also like the earthy, natural look with the necklace. It’s an awesome piece and look for you. The pop with the flower also complemented your skin tone. The photos were done nicely, for some reason they seamed a little dark, not sure why – but you left me wanting more of you and the diversity you brought to the camera. Very nice write up. I felt you were trying to give an overall picture of yourself this week and it showed. You were connecting well with the camera. Good job.

Keep a Lid on It
You took the input from last week and gave more. You connected well with the camera and me. I saw so much more than the cute girl and I’m glad. Cute is fine in one or two pictures, but for a model competition it’s always good to diversify your looks. This week, you gave mystery and diversity with your shots. I particularly like the theme you chose, very creative. The style you chose is my favorite look to the office; however the braid across the front made it pop all the more and I will be trying this look myself. Love it! I hate giving bad reviews because you all work so hard to bring your best and I realize this effort is time, energy and money. Whenever I critique, it’s bent with the purpose to bring out the best in you and you did that. You applied feedback from last week and brought it. I hope to continue to see you strive and apply each bit of feedback to make the next shoot better than the one before. Your accessories were simple and complimentary. It would have been nice to see a minimum of 3 accessories around the head region mixed into the shoot-however, the background, write up and connection supersedes that critique. Good Job.

Å la mode
Great mix of accessories and diversity of shots and poses! I felt like you took the challenge seriously and expressed yourself well. The only bit I was missing was more of a connection. I felt the same cute, light heartedness that was given in the last challenge, but less connection with the viewer. I felt like you were there to represent but aloof to the audience and the message. For example, with the turban on, you want me to want that turban, not just think “oh, that’s a cute turban on that girl.’ Cute is fine in one or two pictures, but for a model competition it’s always good to diversify the look. Connect with me, tell me with your eyes and your pose that my wardrobe is incomplete without that turban. Since the competition is getting stiffer, I challenge you to go further. You are cute! Now translate that cuteness to a message beyond you and connect further with your audience.

Be Bold, Be Fierce, Be Fabulous… Accessorize!
You took the feedback and improved! Very nice! Very nice explanation of using Going-Naturals Silky Shea Hair Butter to your hair, it makes a difference to get a clear explanation of how the use of sponsored products improves your shoot, making life easier. I agree on your take regarding the necklace being over powering. As unique as it is, it seems like a huge accessory, and you seam to be a small person in comparison. If I were looking at an advertisement, I would feel like the accessory was overpowering you and would over power me (I’m 5’2” so I’m also sensitive about large accessories on me). I like that you are unapologetic ally unique and express yourself in the shots by taking a chance. Even though the accessory as a hair piece was not working for me, I applaud your courage to push the limits and make me entertain the possibility. The Mohawk was definitely a great hair style for you, and the hat was cute with the bun look. The messy fro look could work, but I would like to see you mix up your look more and experiment with your texture and the GN products on your wet hair to see if that will bring about a different look that a sponsor could want, diversity will be key for you if you move forward, so keep getting inspiration from other naturals and show us what you’re working with!

Hats for Fro’s and Your Favorite Necklace from Work to Play
You connect with the camera very well and you bring it every time and I like that about you. There were a few shots that you did disconnect from the camera, but when you connected, you did it well and it did grab my attention. Your write up gave me a snap shot, but I felt you were trying to connect more this week and having a hard time doing so. I would like to see more diversity with you with updo’s, hair off your neck and accessories (for this challenge). It’s time to go further with your styling efforts and be deliberate with the diversity of your hair with the look and message you are conveying. All the shots say ‘fun’, ‘spunky’, happy…Because you’ve been doing so well, I’d like to see more of you connecting other emotions through your eyes and style and get edgy with us more, showing us that you can kick things up a notch and be more for the camera for any sponsor. Good job!

Accessories Give Me Life!
I really like your look and you are refreshing and have been transparent throughout this competition. I like that you are hanging in there and showing the diversity that a new natural has, holding your own and representing! We know this competition is challenging you but you are still bringing your A game and taking the input given positively and that’s as much a part of each challenge as connecting with the audience with beautiful poses and photos. You used more than enough accessories, something I feel that newer naturals with shorter hair implement the best. This is an asset for you most definitely! The mirror shots through me; however, the cuteness of the hat overshadowed that. The colors you used were refreshing and inspiring and all shots were good shots showing the texture of your hair. Keep giving us more of you, be strong in your resolve and connect more with the audience. Let us know through your eyes that you belong in this competition, because you do!

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Mireille LiongMy feedback


Wonderful, beautiful shoot! Love the versatility in your shots which is fantastic because it offers a company options. Your smile, the colors you just seem to have a lot of fun and it shows. Not only that you make us participate in your joy. My only critique would be that you have to be careful when showing accessories that you don’t add to that but focus on letting that one item attract all the attention like in Picture 8. There is no flower or rabbit to distract. You are sexy and it’s like the necklace does the work. Well done!

I like your style as usually. What is great about it, is that it is you. I absolutely love your hairdo. I wish I could see more of it though or a clear shot of your beautiful natural hairstyle and the necklace. I also like the versatility that you show. Every shoot of you is different. It shows your range. My critique for this shoot is that I feel the accessories could have been a bit more prominent but over all a good shoot. 

Lydia Young
Lydia, nice writeup. You are selling the items naturally. I like shot nr. 9. You show the hat while you are in action. Your makeup is nice and the background adds to the image. I also see that you show different styles in clothing but to be honest, I keep seeing the same Lydia, the same smile, the same expression. I don’t see a lot of versatility of you as a model. I know it’s hard for you to relax but I hope it will work next time.

Angela, I am not sure if you feel the same way but I think the hat looks great on you. I would buy it instantly. Having said that I am not convinced that you are happy with your look. I thought you would have an advantage with shorter hair for a jewelry shoot but I don’t feel like you took advantage. I think you got great poses and usually you are very expressive but I get a sense that you are not confident with your hair yet.

Not sure if you saw Charlize Theron at the Oscars with her short do. She said cutting her hair was liberating and she looked as great as usual carrying her own in the midst of an event where long strands are the main beauty norm. That is how I want you to feel, that is what I want you to express and show in your photos. I know you are trying but unfortunately it’s not there yet.

Jayme, indeed fierce and fabulous! I love how you’ve used the necklace. Creative and beautiful. And not just that, you’re expressive. You show different looks. You are my winner this week. I have a hard time choosing your best photo as they are all different an beautiful. I love the images where you have the necklace in your hair. The way the light hits your face is just gorgeous but I also love shot nr. 7 where your hair is wild and you look straight into the camera with your signature look. Really well done. I look forward for more. 

Farah, you are clearly improving. Your hair look beautiful! Well moisturized and nicely defined. Is that a Kumba out? I like your poses. You are getting a little looser which is good of course. Your best photo for me is nr. 7. I also like the one where your hands are in a heart shape. Still I think you need to learn to relax a little more in front of the camera. It is difficult right because the more we say it the harder you try the more difficult it is. But try different expressions in the mirror. See if you can relax your jaw line and mouth just a little. You are doing good but the rest of the models are doing better. So you really need to step up. 

So who goes at the end of this challenge? No one. Jamaica Mango & Lime has shipped their products to all of you so you are all safe this week but not next week. Turkesha will be the guest judge then and will pick the winner. So do me proud and bring your AAA game!


Judges of JML

Hello again ladies,

This week we judges didn’t have anything to say. I mean we just left it to the sponsor to say it all. So without further ado read on to see how you Jamaican Mango & Lime think you did. The judge is Turkesha Flowers-McIvy, MPA at Jamaican Mango & Lime


Which picture(s) you will be able to use in your ad campaigns like on a billboard in a magazine or just online and also state why.
Lydia has a host of potential pictures that we can use in ad campaigns. We would use them for both online and print.

long natural hairstyle– Which hairstyle you think is the most outstanding
I like the flat twist high pony tail that Lydia created along with the Bantu Knot Out Style and the way that she accessorized.

– What you think of the creativity
I found Lydia to be very creative especially the way she wrote JM&L under her eyes like she was in a boxing fight. That was genius!

– What you think of their approach to the challenge and the execution.
I think Lydia approached the challenge with an open mind and ran with it. I can appreciate the shared the fact that she watched the infomercial and gained another perspective of what Jamaican Mango & Lime truly stands for as The Innovators of Natural Hair Care. I felt that she could actually FEEL THE SPIRIT & THE POWER!

– What do you think of their write-up; does it speak to you, is it what you had in mind or does it exceeds your expectation.

I found her write up to be on point and very captivating. Lydia’s write up read as if she was a part of TEAM MANGO!


Which picture(s) you will be able to use in your ad campaigns like on a billboard in a magazine or just online and also state why.
Jayme has a host of potential pictures that we can use in ad campaigns. We would use them for both online and print.

– Which hairstyle you think is the most outstanding
I love the versatility of Jayme’s two strand twist and how she horned in on captivating the 60’s pinup look in the 20th Century.

– What you think of the creativity
I love the creativity! Creating a 60’s look in 2013 was genius! Jayme even went so far as to recreate the scene on the beach with a 60’s swim suit.

– What you think of their approach to the challenge and the execution.
Jayme’s approach was all the way Jamaican Mango & Lime! Island, Jamaican and Free to Be Me! Jayme recreated a vintage scene in today’s society on the beach and you can tell by her photos that she was captivated in her moment. Well Done!

– What do you think of their write-up; does it speak to you, is it what you had in mind or does it exceeds your expectation.
I found her write up to exceed my expectations and very captivating. I can see her as a future blogger for Jamaican Mango & Lime. Jayme has a visionary spirit about herself that fits perfectly in the Jamaican Mango & Lime Vibe!


Which picture(s) you will be able to use in your ad campaigns like on a billboard in a magazine or just online and also state why.
I did not see any of the Angela pictures that we would use in campaigns.

– Which hairstyle you think is the most outstanding
I like the look of her coils and the definition from using the Jamaican Mango & Lime Resistant Locking Gel. I didn’t really see any creativity with her hair style. I think Angela could have added an accessory to dress up the look.

– What you think of the creativity
There was not any creativity in the scene or the dress that she wore. Angela could have worn a bright dress that would have vibed with our theme and brand.

– What you think of their approach to the challenge and the execution.
I think Angela could have taken a different approach to the challenge and her execution could have been better. Jamaican Mango & Lime is a household brand and she could have used many different approaches with her presentation.

– What do you think of their write-up; does it speak to you, is it what you had in mind or does it exceeds your expectation. 
I did not find originality in her write up. In fact with a little more research she could have had a very informative write up about the product s and her chosen hair style.


Which picture(s) you will be able to use in your ad campaigns like on a billboard in a magazine or just online and also state why.
Suzu has a host of potential pictures that we can use in ad campaigns. We would use them for both online and print but I would particularly be interested in using the photos with both Suzu and DJ.

– Which hairstyle you think is the most outstanding
I personally thought that Suzu with the length of her hair had the opportunity to create some really creative unique styles. I found the doughnut style to be a normal style or one that is used in a rush and with her length Suzu could have done cute flat twist, chunky twist out style or funky pin up.

– What you think of the creativity
The creativity came into place when Suzu decided to add her friend with the locs in her photo shoot which in my opinion was pure genius. In my opinion is showcased a sense of strength, love, style, freedom and power.

– What you think of their approach to the challenge and the execution.
Suzu approach to the challenge was unique and different from the other contestants. I can appreciate her using her friend who has locs which was genius as to the company is Jamaican Mango & Lime and the owner is “The King of Locs”. I love her concept and creativity. I also love the picture with her sitting on his lap that will indeed be a print ad for us to us to showcase the unity between the families, again genius idea.

– What do you think of their write-up; does it speak to you, is it what you had in mind or does it exceeds your expectation.
I think that Suzu was a little uneducated at first about locs. Many people do not understand that loc or dreadlocks are a process. When using our products your hair does not immediately lock it is a process that both you and your hair must go through that’s why its call a loc journey. I can appreciate that after conducting her research she found out that our products are great for styling natural hair and it was great that she shared her products with others that helped with her photo shoot.


Lydia K. Young

Which picture(s) you will be able to use in your ad campaigns like on a billboard in a magazine or just online and also state why.

– Which hairstyle you think is the most outstanding
The styles that Lydia created were not creative and did not showcase any creativity.

– What you think of the creativity
I did not find any creativity in her scenes

– What you think of their approach to the challenge and the execution.
I could not really follow her approach to the challenge and in my opinion the execution just was not there.

– What do you think of their write-up; does it speak to you, is it what you had in mind or does it exceeds your expectation.
The write up was quick and simple and really did not provide detail or provide a story to follow.


This year I chose as the Jamaican Mango and Lime winner Ms. Farah Albritton. I chose Farah because it was as if she has been a part of our Board Room conversations and she understands how we as the Innovators of Natural Hair Care Brand our products.

I found all of her photos impressive and all have the ability to be used in future ad campaigns for all of our Jamaican Mango & Lime products.

Farah had two styles that I found outstanding and they were the up do ponytail which would be perfect for a Board Room meeting or After 5 event and her Funky Fro Twist Out style  that is perfect for meeting fellow naturals after work for a meet-up or a yoga class.

I found her creativity awesome! I could picture her reaction from the moment she opened the box of products and through each process as she used the products to create a variety of hairstyles. I believe that she executed the challenge with ease and she fully understood both the look and the message that we strive to provide each time a person uses our products.

Farah’s write up was priceless in my opinion. Farah gave detailed instructions and if I was a person new to the natural world I would find both comfort and ease in following her instructions on using the products. I especially loved the way that she explained the trial and tribulation with making her necklace. Farah did an amazing job with selecting the colors of her dresses to coordinate with both her look and the Jamaican Mango & Lime products. I thought that her write up exceeded my expectations in many ways and when above the challenge. I commend her photographer because took Farah from Fun to Funky to Travelista.

Judges Challenge 6

Judges Challenge 6

Dajuan JonesHello again ladies,

I think the competition is getting to you all. The photos are not that impressive for round 6. Please read on.

Feedback of Dajuan Jones

I had a favorite image, Lud’s lead image, but other than that, no one really stood out. Unfortunately, Suzu’s team let her down and would seem like the loser this week.

“Ain’t I a Woman?”
Photos: Love your lead photo! Is it me, or did you enjoy your outdoor images much more than your in studio set?
Interpretation: You’ve done well highlighting the products this week.
Hairstyle: Appropriate for this weeks challenge.
Write Up: I enjoyed the opening to your write up, and the way you shared your experience with the products this week.
Connection: Seems I’m always asking for more from everyone in way of expression. Your outdoor images carried you well this week.

“Curl Definition at it’s best”
Photos: Given that this weeks best images will be used on promotional materials Going Natural, I was largely disappointed in the head wrap and ponytail images. It’s like shooting indoors just robbed you of your energy. Not to mention the photography was just disappointing. Outdoor images were nice, with good variety and expression.
Interpretation: Your concept suffered execution.
Hairstyle: Your hair responded nicely as this weeks challenge is your strength (natural & curly).
Write Up: Loved your ‘testimonial’ of the curl product. This is awesome when doing promotional work.
Connection: I like what was delivered in image A & K. But there were 15 images in this weeks challenge.

Photos: You gave your photographer plenty to work with! Unfortunately the photo quality negatively impacted that.
Interpretation: Your photos are the realization of interpretation (the deliverable). I’m a photographer.
Hairstyle: I liked your hairstyle, and to the credit of your photos, you curl detail was evident.
Write Up: Your hair product write up fit the promotional, but the head wrap & ponytail write up didn’t come close to selling the product.
Connection: You’re giving a lot of expression through posing and this is good. But look at your mouth in ALL your photos, it’s all the same.

Photos: When I saw your lead photo, I just about screamed, FIRE! Hair, make up, style, imagery. Loved it! Then I saw that same eye expression in 7 of your images (yeah, I counted). I love #1, 3, 4 & 4 & 5 from the head wrap.
Interpretation: Nicely done, despite the over done eye expression.
Hairstyle: Fro-hawk:You killed it!
Write Up: Well done.
Connection: You’re communicating with the viewer in many of your images, even if I don’t like what it’s saying. Think about what you want your imagery to say, then think about if that fits the promotional, then execute what would work.

Photos: No secret, the images were not good at all this week.
Interpretation: Your photos are the realization of interpretation (the deliverable).
Hairstyle: When I saw image #1, I thought your shoot should have been so much stronger. Your hair is VERY curly. Hairstyle was your strength this week, but the images just didn’t come close to cutting it.
Write Up: As you stated in your write up, “As you can see, my curls were defined with plenty of movement. In short, the Curl Keeper Light lives up to its name.” Excellent product testimonial!
Connection: Seriously, you gave nice expression and variety. But your team let you down this week.

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Winner – Ain’t I a Woman is really stealing my heart. She is brining it, she’s been consistent even when the criticism has been harsh. She is unapologetically her and I like that.

Suzu was my winner in my mind. But she checkout just when things are heating up. Not sure why…

Feedback of Michelle George

Michele GeorgeAin’t I A Woman
Yes. You. Are. You have truly grown on me. I love your write up and the effort you put into conveying your message through print and photo. The shots were all wonderful and I love the way you convey a message of acceptance and self-love. Your no-fuss look has really grown on me 🙂 mostly because of your effortless beauty and your demand to be accepted by presenting who you are. You give us the left side of your face, the right side, the front view and that’s good. I would like to see you NOT cut off your hair in shots. I feel the vibe, but that is a big no-no for me bc your hair is such a big part of this competition. Don’t sell yourself short on that. I’d also like to see you with softer eye make-up. I’d like to see how other colors complement you. I see you growing in this competition and I look forward to seeing what you bring next week.

“Curl Definition at it’s best”
I applaud you because I face a similar challenge(cold Ohio weather). However, I’m not trying to get through an effortless photo shoot like you. I realize you have the weather working against your opportunity to take advantage of beautiful scenery that isn’t the frigid Ohio terrain. With that said, to show you could pull it off would challenge you to take your game to the next level. I like the diversity of your poses. the last photo shoot,it seemed like you were ‘somewhere’ else and Im glad to see you back in the game. Your choice of color palate for the river shots was beautiful and really complimented your natural beauty. Your textures is so unique and I think you really know how to caputre it and bring it forth in your photos. I really like the light that you channeled into your photos during the other challenges. I hope you continue to channel that light! I appreciate your write up.

Ponytails, Headwraps and Twists
You did your research on the wrap! I like that! Dont short change yourself on the length of your hair. It’s perfect for your season and fell nicely with the holder.You are just a cutie. When I see your shots I channel the girl next door or my little sister. You make me smile and your spunk comes through. Good job taking the advice and implementing it! You continued to connect the product line with your audience and you. I must say, my least favorite poses are the arm-pit shots. They either cut your head out of the picture or distract me from the product and/or your hair. I think you did a good job. Keep stretching yourself to show the diversity of your looks, so sponsors can see that you can do a wide-range of shots beyond the girl-next-door look. Good job on the write up! Consider some brighter lighting to showcase your texture.Your smile is captivating!

Fun Scarves, Accessories
You bring it every-time with the poses and connecting the genre with an excellent write up. The lighting could be brighter to complement your tones. I must admit that the sultry-pout lipped look is throwing me off. It just doesnt speak to me. I love the shots where you smile though. Maybe a little less of the squint eye would help improve the look you are conveying. The headwraps are divine on you and great use of scenery to complement your skin tones and natural beauty. I like what you bring to the camera, when you arent squintin’ ‘at me.’ :)Great up close shots that show your diversity and style.Good job with your research. You rocked that frowk and you get an A+ on product use description.

Curl Definition
To me, you had the most promise and I loved your shots and energy from the beginning. With this challenge, I feel like you checked out on us, which was dissappointing to me bc you won in my eyes last week.Your texture is gorgeous and I love the way you played around with the pieces. But the lighting was bad and the scenery reminded me of an online photo album. Timing is also everything :). I know we will see more of you.

Picturesque Suzu-yes, must go, sad to see her go. She was my winner in my mind. But she checkout just when things are heating up. Not sure why…

Winner-Aint I a Woman is really stealing my heart. She is brining it, she’s been consistent even when the criticism has been harsh. She is unapologetically her and I like that.

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Rachel RitfeldMy feedback

I LOVE the fact that you finally tried the Going Natural products and even more that YOU love them. Your shoot though was just ok for me. I didn’t LOVE it. I agree with Dajuan that your outside shots are much better. My favorite images are nr. 4 and 7. Love your expression. It shows a different side of you. I like the versatility that you have developed throughout the competition and your writeup was a good read. Thank you for that.

Lydia Young
Lydia, o Lydia yes you barely made it but you are still in and you have improved. I really like your first shot. You show your full mane so proudly and the color makes it stand out this way. I also like the wrap in picture 8. I wonder how you did the wrap but I don’t like the picture itself because it doesn’t show the colors of the material and I feel like it takes away from the art. 

Most important for me from this shoot is that you’ve enjoyed it. I know you have a lot of stress, it’s not easy for you, so I am really glad that you enjoyed the shooting. It’s noticeable in a few. I hope looking at those pictures will make you relax even more.

I love how you used the ponytail holder. I know you had questions about how you were going to do that but I think you did a good job. Besides that though, I am a little bit disappointed in your shoot. Compared to your other shoots, it felt like you weren’t that present. You look tired in photo 6. I miss the sparkling Farah that I know from the earlier shoots.

I know you have a lot going on as the member of your student board, organizing a fashion show and so many other things, but scheduling is an important part of life. Sometimes you have to make hard choices and say no. I know we women want to try and do it all but it’s just not possible.

To me your photos are the only ones that do stand out this week. I really love your fro hawk and I really love how you’ve used the ponytail holder. My favorite photos are nr. 3 and 7. The first one shows attitude and 7 is just a happy smiling fro-hawk who takes everybody in. What I didn’t like as much is the fact that you tried the same look a bit too often with your eyes half closed. Please change that up for the next time.

Suzu, Suzu, I am so sorry about what happened to you this week. Not only did your photographer bailed on you, something went wrong when you tried to submit your essay. This wasn’t your week. Still I am glad that you used the curl keeper and liked it. I like photo 2 because it shows the curls and photo 13 because it playfully shows the ponytail holder but the shots are definitely not on a competition or model level.

So it was a tough choice this week. I can say that the judges were not that impressed this week but found Luds and Jayme’s shoots the best this week. It was hard for me to make a choice but after deliberating with the other two judges, I came to the conclusion that although your overall performance was really good we have to let you go Suzu.

The Pageant

The Pageant

America’s Next Natural Model 2013

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If you are looking for outstanding models to feature your items naturally click here to contact us.

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Sponsors 2012
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The judges of 2013

The judges of 2013

Dajuan Jones

Early 2012 I received a call in the studio from a model asking for a TFCD (trade for CD).

As a working professional, I wasn’t in anyway interested in trading my talents for portfolio work. But as the model expounded on why she was looking for such an agreement, my tone changed.

The model was Chassity, and she was looking for a photographer to help her with the ANNM 2012 competition. When she explained the competition, I immediately thought about my wife!


Judges on Black History Challenge

Judges on Black History Challenge

Dajuan JonesFeedback from Dajuan Jones Professional photograper and owner of|| dajuan @ dajuanjones (dot) com

Angela C. Kirkendoll
I found your style choices interesting. I loved the choice to use black & white images for your flapper representation. I was a little conflicted with the straight haired look, but that reflects our history (as painful as looking back can be). Your tribute to Angela Davis, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, and Martin Luther King, Jr was thoughtful. I thought your 3rd and 5th images were the strongest images from your set. You expression as a model was awesome. I also appreciated how thoughtful your write up was. I would have preferred to see five different looks though. However you did well in the two looks and five images submitted. (4 stars)

Farah Albritton
It is evident that you put forth great effort in preparing and shooting for this weeks challenge. Five images, five different styles! Reading how you realized the strength behind the afro was moving. I thought your 1st and 5th images were your strongest because I can clearly see your hair (very important). I really liked your hair style in the 4th image, but the lighting was off and looking at your other images, you’re working with a team who can make the adjustment. Don’t be afraid to look into the camera and portray the power you felt. (5 stars)

Jayme Goodwin
Great creativity. I loved that you stayed natural while depicted different eras of time. I loved your first image. Not only did your convey the era, you did so strongly and I appreciate that. Keep the focus on story, your hair. The last three images lost me with image processing and things that aren’t conveyed by hair styling. (4 stars)

Lydia K. Young
You got it! That was my first impression upon seeing your photos. Although you didn’t push for significantly different hair styles, you made adequate adjustments to fit the era you portrayed. You put forth five goals and set forth to accomplished them. As a model, connecting with your audience with combinations of eye and/or expression is important. I thought your 3rd images was visually the strongest, but the expression came mostly from the chains. I wanted your first image to be the best, but the goals of strength & pride didn’t jump out at me. So what was it that made me think that your got it? Your hair was the hero in all of your images! (5 stars)

Lydia Onimo
You’ve got it too! Five images and five eras. All conveying your message through hair style and modeled expression. One BIG tip: move away from the wall (notice the shadows). (4 stars)

Marilyn Louis
Umm, Kung Fu fighter? I like that you put together five different looks for five different eras. I even like your expressions. However, you’ll really want to partner up with someone to take your photos for you to free you up to model. Your strongest images were your first and third image. But Marilyn, did you not have something to say about the challenge? (3 stars)

Suzu T.
You may have put forth the most in executing this weeks challenge. You too provided five different looks for five different eras. Your second image was so strong, I initially questioned if that was you! I would like to say that the hero / focus is your hair, and that is lost in one or two of your images (which were otherwise very nice). (4 stars)

Tiffany Owens
You didn’t share the details, and you didn’t need to, but I’m glad you were able to accomplish the task. As with Angela, I was torn by processed hair looks, but again I recognize that it IS part of our past and ongoing history. I liked how you kept the hair style the focus of your images. Your third and fifth images were your strongest. You’ll want to connect more through eye contact. I sensed a passion for the shoot in your write up. (4 stars)

Rachel RitfeldFeedback from Mireille

I think you did a wonderful job. Very nice how you pictured an African style from the era before we were brought to the Western world. The only thing is that you can’t really see the style but I like how you put tribal effort in the image.

I also like how you pictured the straight styles. They were indeed typical for certain time. I wish you had put a bit more into the 2nd one make it black/white for instance and a different background. That way the image would really transform you in time by just looking at it. The other straight style is on point salt & Pepper, Hip Hop but you could have also made it a bit more hip hop by the clothes you’re wearing. Think about the full concept.

I love the afro shot! The top also brings me back to the 60’s when the fro was ruling the fashion world. And your twist out is fantastic! You end with a bang. I love the earrings, the hair, the color. Overall good job!

Your last black and white shot is the best. It could literarily be from one of those books that pictures tribes in African history. The makeup, the jewelry, absolutely fabulous!

Having said that, the rest of your shoot is a bit disappointing. I like the wrap idea, and I even love your expression in that shot but the image overall is not well executed. I see more of your elbow. I don’t think the pose worked for what you were trying to portray, a slave woman. Your afro shoot is good, again great expression, fabulous hair but it looks like the photo is over exposed. The best way to take photos is outside with daylight so you don’t have to worry about flash and lightning too much. Watch out for the sun though.

Your last two photos are the same. I love the your poses and look on the rocks and in the grass but the shots are just too ordinary. Not model yet. I need a sharper look of you and your hair. I think it may be a photography issue more than that it’s you.

Your enthusiasm speaks through your words as well as your images. Your first shot is awesome! It’s like a modern tribal style. Love the jewelry and the makeup. The only thing is that your mouth could be a little more relaxed.

I also love how you did Josephine Baker. Even before I read your essay I knew who you portrayed and that is good! The whole picture, the light, the jewelry and of course your hair. I also love how relaxed you look in your fro shot. You skin is beautiful, I like your pose, the dress that floats lovely and you have a nice smile but I still think you can relax your mouth a bit. The other two shots are just ok for me. I didn’t get Billy Holiday if it wasn’t for the flower.  Over all I think you did a good job.

Suzu! I absolutely loved what you did! All five images are so totally different. More than just a hairstyle you went beyond the styles to portray history. You show incredible range as a model. You look completely different in each shot. That is a skill. You show your range as a model. I am really impressed. Your black and whites are the best. Love the slave woman and love the fro!

Although I really love what you did at the same time I feel like the hairstyles suffered a little bit. Especially in the Rosa Parks shot. It seems to me that you focused more on history there than on the hairstyle you needed to portray it.

Your image with the chain is intense. The large chains add drama and so does the expression of your face even though you are turned away from the lens. I also like your first shot but to be honest overall your pictures don’t transform me to other eras. No different hairstyles. I liked your writeup but your shoot is a bit disappointing to me.

Lydia Onimo
I think your best shot is the cornrowed updo. The hairstyle is really fierce, I like your expression but the photo is over exposed. To be honest I think the whole shoot is a bit average. You wear a beautiful dress with a matching headwrap yet the photo is not popping. Again, try to shoot outside. Shooting inside with a basic flash makes it difficult to get a professional looking photo. Your hair in the afro shots looks nice but I don’t get the greatness from the images yet.

Yes, your images definitely take me back in time. You portrait the 60’s so well. It’s a joy to see. My favorite photo is the one where you sit with a hat on. Love the attire, your poses, your expressions and even the background you choose. I also like the afro shots. Especially the explanation of MLK’s dream. However, you have three of the same kind of images representing one era. I would have loved to see you portray at least one more era as well. Overall good job though.  

I have to say that you get an A plus for creativity because when I saw you Saturday I was really happy you came up to me but I knew you weren’t prepared. Still, I was hoping that you had already written the essay and had already taken photos. Considering that you did a reasonable job using the tools at hand and your creativity. I like the photo with the headwrap and the same top but overall your images are unprofessional. That doesn’t look like a five pixel camera photos to me and for that, I have to let you go. It was one of the requirements so I am going to ask you to send the accessories back.


Judges on Challenge 2

Judges on Challenge 2

Ok ladies, this round we have been deliberating via Google hang out and email. In conclusion all three of us judges agreed that:

  1. Suzu’s shoot was off the chain but the focus on the hair was not as prevalent and you were way passed the deadline.

  2. The hairstyles of Lydia Onimo and Tiffany were super impressive, creative, head turning and everything more but the photos themselves, the quality that we expect, is not there yet.

  3. Jayme had an overall good shoot but there is a lot of room to improve as a model.

  4. We need more from Lydia and Farah.

The good news is you are all safe because we had two early eliminations; one model couldn’t make it any more because of her obligations and Emily told me too late that she is French and didn’t understand the instructions.

So you are safe this round and I am sure you’ve learned a lot this time. Next round there will be another elimination and believe me it will only get tougher from here. I hope you are all inspired to bring your AAA-game. Here is the feedback from the judges. Hopefully you can use it to improve.

Dajuan JonesDajuan


  • Photos: Lydia, you have a great advantage of working with a stylist and photographer. But that also raises my expectations. Images 2, 6, & 9 best showed the detail of your hair. I need to be able to see the detail of your hair. 3 stars

  • Interpretation: Good 4 stars

  • Hairstyle: Nice variety of styles. 4 stars

  • Write Up: “… beauty is indeed an abstract quality” I couldn’t agree more. I looked forward to hearing how this all related to bridal related sets, but it just wasn’t there. 3 stars

  • Connection: Image #6 portray connection. Give us more of that! 3 stars


  • Photos: I love that you are working with a MUA & photographer. The vision was clear, and the images portrayed it. But the focus (the hair) was second to the overall style (the 1920s). 3.5 stars

  • Interpretation: Good 4 stars

  • Hairstyle: Was that one hairstyle or two? Nice hat! 3 stars

  • Write Up: Your write up was concise and on point. You offered a unique style description and executed to it. 4.5 stars

  • Connection: Yes! 5 stars

Lydia Young

  • Photos: Only one photo? 3 stars

  • Interpretation: Good on the single image I saw. 3 stars

  • Hairstyle: Good, but again, only one photo? 3 stars

  • Write Up: You’re write up went a long way in communicating your entry. You talked about the products, how you achieved the style, and more. Best of the week! 5 stars

  • Connection: Nice single expression, but again, only one? 3 stars


  • Photos: I didn’t love your photos, but they did show me your hair. That I can appreciate. 4 stars

  • Interpretation: Great. You delivered on the idea! 5 stars

  • Hairstyle: I enjoyed the variety of styles and adornments. Nicely done. 5 stars

  • Write Up: Your write up articulated the challenges of many, “what should I do with my hair.” You then offered solutions. Nicely done 5 stars.

  • Connection: Not much via the images. I’m judging connection based on the images. However you connected very well in the write up. 3 stars


  • Photos: Wow, I didn’t want to love your photos either, but they did communicate the message. Why? My background is that of a professional photographer. But I can’t deny that you are showing just what I want to see: your hair, your style, and your connection. You’ll want to step up on the delivery of the message, please.

  • Interpretation: Great 5 stars

  • Hairstyle: I loved your many styles. It’s not because you offered so much variety (quantity), but because each style delivered (quality). Between hair style and adornment, you did it very well. 5 stars

  • Write Up: “As a natural bride the possibilities for styles are infinite and walking down the aisle you will truly feel like a Nubian Queen.” Concise isn’t bad, but 20% of your write up was a shout out to your hair stylist 🙂 Not that you shouldn’t have one (build your team), but deliver on topic, provide some how to, or why, etc. 3 stars

  • Connection: Major improvement from last week. Keep working on expression. Much is expected if you’d like to be ANNM! 4 stars


  • Photos: I think your photos were among the best in this weeks challenge. Encourage your photographer to utilize a hair light. 4.5 stars

  • Interpretation: Great 5 stars

  • Hairstyle: Variety from one base, but with 10 looks, it felt a little lacking. 3.5

  • Write Up: I was hoping you could sell me on your entry this week. At least offer something for your reader: how to, products used, etc. 3 stars

  • Connection: Good, but as a model, you’ve got to give us much more. 4 stars


  • Photos: Your images were cleaner than most, show us your hair, but weren’t as interesting as the previous week’s. 4 stars

  • Interpretation: Good 4 stars

  • Hairstyle: I like your style choice, but would have loved to see variations of it like many of the other contestants put forth. 3 stars

  • Write Up: I like that you weren’t afraid to provide a glimpse of what brides go through on their wedding day. 4 stars

  • Connection: Minimal. You’ll want to draw in your viewer visually. Give it a try, you can pull it off. 3 stars

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Michele GeorgeMichelle’s Feedback

Fara – Simply Radiant:(3)
Great summary and painting the picture of your wedding day! You left me feeling like I am there with you! Very cute and realistic hair styles for loose or locked beauties really won me over-all natural beauties could implement this style and set it off with some ‘pearls’. I would have liked to see more than one picture. I was left trying to look around the side/back view for more of your beauty. The pose/shot limited your potential impact, left me wondering if this was the only ‘best’ shot? What could be missing? or What is she hiding? Everything was so beautiful, focus on giving more and you will shine through!

Jayme – Let’s Start With Forever:(3)
Such a cute, creative style. Great use of accessories with an earthy kick. I wanted more because your hair style was so pretty and creative. Only side and back shots available. I was left trying to look around your poses for more of your beauty. The poses/shots limited the potential impact, left me wondering if these were the only ‘best’ shots and what could be missing? or what is she hiding? Everything was so beautiful, focus on giving more and you will shine through! I can see your effort, you left me wanting more of you. Give it to us!

Love your honesty and expression of the vulnerabilities that we all go through in a season of becoming natural. You are beautiful inside and out. The best poses were those with the headrest. They were particularly stunning! I love the headband, Barrett and how you created multiple hairstyles with the use of the accessories. You left me forgetting that your hair was medium length. Work on lighting and picture quality if you can to help us really see the beauty of your coils. Great work and please keep coming up with creative poses and shots of your gorgeous hair!

Tiffany (5)
Ms. Tiffany brought her A game this time and killed it with the win. I am so glad to see your pretty face in this round of the competitions. You obviously took the feedback from the last competition and turned your frustration into motivation and I love it when I can see lemonade out of lemons! It speaks of your character and the fact that you won’t let life defeat you; but you will come out swinging like Bey did at the super bowl and ‘shut ’em down!’

Awesome hair styles, bone structure and poses! I can see all of you! Love it! Very creative use of rings and other jewlrey in textured hair, showing the diversity of our hair and ability to complement and beautify the intrinsic character of even a precious metal. Marketers are missing out on this secret weapon you’ve unleashed! Love it! You gave us multiple poses and I felt that I could visually see your wedding day and walked with you from set up to the alter, then throwing down at the after party/reception. I liked the poses with accessories over the other without, but that’s hardly anything to critique. You hit a home run. Awesome job! Keep shining!

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Rachel RitfeldMy feedback

Love, love, LOVE your hairstyles! Can’t believe that it’s just one hair do. You truly did an amazing job of showing the versatility of just one natural hairstyle. Thank you for that.

However, although your hair is fabulous in every shot, not all of your photos tell me wedding or special valentine. Your best shots for me are nr 1, 4 and 6. I think every man would want to marry you looking at picture 4. Not only does your hair look fabulous, your skin looks radiant and your smile is beautiful. I truly believe that you are getting married. Nr. is nice because how relaxed you look and the beach background adds something special. Same in photo 6. You laugh playfully, you look happy and I can imagine you would stop your Valentine’s heart beat for at least a couple of seconds.

Your 2nd shot is also worth mentioning because I really love your hair in that image, your smile is gorgeous as well but the background gives the whole photo a very average look. So beware of the backgrounds that you choose. They can be distracting. You should make sure that you, the model, your hair or whatever you want to cell, is in the center of the shot. If you have a busy background, make sure it’s blurred. Like in your 4th shot.

Overall good nice happy photos but there is room for improvement. I think you can still get a little more relaxed in front of the camera. Some photos can make it in magazines but we need many more of those.

Shot nr. 2: Absolutely special shot. This could be used in a commercial for perfume. Love the accessories. Same goes for 7. Is the guy a pro or does he really love you? In any case your chemistry is amazing. He makes you shine even more just by the way he looks at you. I am very impressed.

Shot nr. 3, wow! It’s such a great shot you know. I would think the flowers cover a bit too much of your face and the coat adds too much, so you only see that little head of yours but I just love that shot! The way you look, straight into the camera seductive and playfully and your man just adds to it as does the environment. I really think it’s a lovely romantic shot. You can sense love and Valentine. 

Shot nr 8, I totally believe you are a happy bride. Your hair, your smile, your pose. Great shot. Your whole shoot is really good. It is so unfortunate that you were late sending your images. I don’t know what troubles your photographer had with sending them but that is really the only critique I have. Your images are not just magazine ready, they are commercial ready. Good job!

Lydia Young
I love that you stayed true to yourself as a simple quirky girl. I enjoyed reading about how you used the products and how you loved them of course. The Twist Out Hair Milk and the Detox are also favorites of mine.

Love your hairstyles, ALL of them. They definitely say special to me. I wish I had another view on the first one with the pinwheels though. It’s not a style you see very often. I think the style suits your face. You have beautiful strong features that come out very well.

For me, your best photo is picture 5. Curls naturally have something romantic, the flower only adds to it because it’s well chosen and well placed. Your hair is beautiful and shiny, your smile is very pretty, your makeup is also gorgeous. Did you do the makeup yourself?

I also like photo 8, your homage to Kansas but overall I think you need to learn to relax a little bit. You look tense in your photos. Sometimes it’s in your fingers and it’s not easy but models have to learn to relax their face muscles because just a little bit of tension may be exaggerated in an image. You are a beautiful woman. To let your beauty be captured you have to learn how to open up and let the camera in.

I loved your write up. I applaud you for being honest and most of all I am happy that this challenge taught you to love your hair even more! Funny thing, I didn’t even noticed that your hair was short at the first glance. After your words I had to take a closer look and your hair looks just fine in all photos. Your coils are well moisturized and the styles are nice and elegant. You play well with the accessories.

I think your best shot is photo 5. I like your dress, your hair, the accessory, the way you look. Photo 2 could also have been a good shot but it’s cropped too much. I like the hair, the style, the accessory but you see just too little of you. Wen you do a head shot make sure you see at least the neck as well. You have such beautiful shoulders and skin. Use them to your advantage and let them help your hairstyle look even better. Same goes for the last two images. I know you are trying to show detail of the style but as a model when we ask for ten photos you shouldn’t waste images to just detail hairstyle images. You should show yourself.

Also the detailed photos of your hair are not executed very well. The tree and the leafs in the background are distracting. In image 8 you see more tree than you. And when you show the back of the hairstyle, try to get just a little face or profile in the photo too. You are so elegant, just include more of that during your shoot.

You get points for bringing a stylist to you shoot. Not only are all your natural hairstyles beautiful, I totally agree with Michelle on the way you used the accessories. Absolutely creative.

I wish I could see more of your first style. Love how the rings adorn your beautiful texture. The photo is not a good one though. Too much going on in the back. Red cars and everything, that is not good. Although I like the you, yourself look, you don’t pop out and that is just what a model needs to do. If the background was blurred and you were just a bit sharper, the image would have been sending a different message.

The photo I like best is your last one. Your hair, your smile, your eyes, you look happy. This could be Valentine happy or bridal happy. Really a lovely shot. I also like photo 8. Your neck is titled just a bit too much but I like the fact that you get a complete image of your hair and your style. Your hair is beautiful, the style is gorgeous and different and I especially like how you can see a little bit of your profile through the twist out curls.

Your hair really looks gorgeous in every photo and I applaud you for shooting without makeup. I don’t see it very often and I like it but I do think it may give you a bit of a disadvantage just because you it’s hard to get that full glamorous look. Over all I think you are going good but I am not sure that the images are magazine ready yet. You are a natural though but you can use some more practice and maybe a better camera.

You have a few good shots, ready to be used in editorial and brides magazines. I really like photo 2, 3 and 7. You look peaceful, content, relaxed, happy and beautiful. Your hair is romantic, adorable, lovely, playful all at the same time. The curls aren’t perfectly defined and that’s what makes it even more special. It’s your day and that’s all that matters to the natural you. That is what those photos tell me.

I like how you used the pins and mixed them up with natural flowers, how you changed up your hairstyles. Your makeup l is very well done. In all honesty I can’t say anything bad about your photos. All of them are good shots but I agree with Dajuan that you have more to give.

First of all a big compliment to you Farah that you got a bridal company to sponsor your dress. You picked a lovely wedding dress and it looks great on you. Way to go! I love how you did your hair. What you do with two strand twists is so beautiful. I like how you embellished your natural hairstyles too.

Your best shot is photo 6 with the phone in your hand. You get a good look on your hair, the dress, your complete style actually and it’s very contemporary. Having said that, I agree with Dajuan. Your images are clean and professional but not as interesting as the first shoot. Some how I think the model is not fully out yet. Just dare to do it. Just bring yourself out more. Be you, don’t try to be beautiful or romantic, just do it! Just be you.

Judges on Challenge 3 – Kumba Out

Judges on Challenge 3 – Kumba Out

Hello Ladies,

There were again issues of tardiness this week. It is not easy being a model is it? The actual photo shoot is the easiest part don’t you think? Preparation and planning takes most of the time and you can mess all of that up if you choose a photographer who doesn’t send you the images in time.

Things can always go wrong. If there is an outage or your internet connection doesn’t work there is little you can do but it helps if you have a team of people around you that help you succeed. In the President’s words, ultimately the buck stops with you. You are responsible for the photos that you submit and will be available for the rest of the world to see and to judge.

Enough of the preaching. I know it’s tough and stressful but believe it or not I am cheering for you. I want you to shine but at the same time I also know it will only get harder from now on. Don’t be intimidated though. At this point you got the hang of things and you are at that point where you can bring your A-game! That is ultimately what this competition is about. So let’s get down to the judges.

After the judges and I had another round evaluating I came to the following conclusion:

1) Most of you have taken our feedback at heart. We see that and we love that.
2) Lydia Onimo’s photos were among the best this week as were Suzie’s: clear and to the point. I especially love the quote: From Frizz to (KUMBA)ya in 30 Minutes…
3) Sadly we also agreed that the only contestant who didn’t seem to take any of our advice is Tiffany. Same type of images no improvement at all.

Here are our individual responses to your Kumba Out photo shoot this week.

Dajuan JonesDajuan



  • Interesting use of shadows on the bridge, I liked your third image the best, but the crop cut off the top of your hair. 4 stars

  • Interpretation: Good. 4 stars

  • Hairstyle: Nicely done 4 stars

  • Write Up: Enthusiastic. 4 stars

  • Connection: Not much. Bring your eyes and make a statement. I believe you can do it. 3 stars

Lydia Y:

  • Photos: Your last image was your best in my opinion. However, cropping into the hair should be avoided at all cost in this competition. Your second image was a better attempt of connecting with your audience. I encourage you to make a big bet if you advance to the next rounds to partner with a photo who can challenge you to break through your comfort zone. 3 stars

  • Interpretation: Better in the write up than the photos. 3 stars

  • Hairstyle: Your hair is your strength. You did well in this area. 5 stars

  • Write Up: Good write up. I like that you researched the origins of the style. 4 stars

  • Connection: I want to say there was an attempt, but take a look at the last two images in your set. There’s attempts to connect, but what is it saying? 3 stars


  • Photos: Your instruction image showed your hair well. Your last image may be a nice image for your personal portfolio, but it says nothing about your hair.I love how you responded with a little more expression this week (your last few images). You’ll want to bring a LOT more of this if you advance in the competition. 4 stars

  • Interpretation: Good. 4 stars

  • Hairstyle: Unfortunately it didn’t work out for you this week. 2 stars

  • Write Up:

  • Connection: Much better this week. One of the best this week 4 stars

Lydia Onimo:

  • Photos: You are having fun! I really enjoyed your images this week. The ONLY thing holding you back from taking top honors this week are the instructional images: to much contrast in the images led to less detail in the hair. 4 stars

  • Interpretation: Good in my eyes. 4 stars

  • Hairstyle: Nicely done. 4 stars

  • Write Up: Very good write. 4 stars

  • Connection: Several good images connected, and that is better than most of your competition. Keep it up. 4 stars


  • Photos: Everyone, please take notice. Commercially clean images showing good detail. Still, a hair light would’ve helped. Loved your last image. Give us a LOT more of that. Advice for coming weeks, vary your expression. 4.5 stars

  •  Interpretation: Very good. 4.5 stars

  • Hairstyle: Nicely done. 4.5 stars

  • Write Up: Good. 4 stars

  • Connection: The best of the week. 5 stars


  • Photos: One of the best photos this week (image of you in red dress sitting on your feet). But Farah, you have the same facial expression in the majority of your images, and the remaining images just weren’t that strong. 4 stars

  • Interpretation: Good. 4 stars

  • Hairstyle: Nicely done. 4 stars

  • Write Up: Good. 4 stars

  • Connection: I wished for so much more. Bring your eyes to the camera, or give us a look that pulls us in. 3 stars


  • Photos: No improvement at all from previous weeks. The poorest submission this week. 1 star

  • Interpretation: Not translated well 1 star

  • Hairstyle: Only one of the final instructional images gave a glimpse. I can’t tell. 1 star

  • Write Up: Good. 4 stars

  • Connection: None. 1 star

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Michele GeorgeMichelle’s Feedback

Angela’s Kumba Out(3)

You have taken your challenge this week to a new level. I appreciate your attention to details in your historical summary of the Kumba as well as your step by step pictorial annotations. The quality of the pictures were reminiscent of an online picture album in a familiar/retro way which was nice. However, with low definition and quality. Great presentation and summary including GN products. However, the shortfall for you this week is presentation of the style. I wish you would have given us more of you and your personality, working with the Kumba by integrating the diversity of your with the Kumba, connecting with the viewer. The bridge pose was a taste and I wanted more and I wanted to see it closer! So you wet my appetite, but left me hanging. Next time focus both substance and quality for the win!

Lydia Young(4.5)
I love how you bring it with your diversity and energy. You brought us a tutorial, a well researched summary with personal inflection and detailed explanation of the various steps involved in reproducing the Kumba. You took the time on your pictorial presentation and your written summary with an ontime presentation incorporating GN products. You took the previous advice, applied it and it shows. The rawness of the style poses was commendable. Lighting was ok, the order of the poses was a bit confusing if I were to reproduce the style. I know what to do, but would others? It’s difficult to critique your poses. I love the diversity you bring with your poses and I particularly appreciate the professional close ups of YOUR HAIR! You connected with me and demanded my attention. I felt your confidence come through, even though you hair was doing it’s own thing. That’s big for me. Good job.
Keep It Knotty!

You gave us style and personality and I enjoyed reading your summary this week. With 2 judges as authors, it makes a difference to us to read a quality presentation that represents who you are. You shared with us in such a way that I felt the stress of your week, yet you showed that you could still show up to the job and give your all because the stress does not show on your face. And, that’s a difficult thing to hide from the camera. I enjoyed your description of the style and how you used GN products to set the style.The lighting throgh me off(shadows were distracting) fro your beauty. The order of the instructions was a bit confusing to follow in pictures-not in print. Once again, lighting could have really helped to get you over the edge and some of the hair shots chopped off the full view. The action shots were dope and I was feeling the Mardi Gras vibe and appreciate the energy you put into repping the N.O, while showing the diversity of the Kumba. Good job!

Wow, I didn’t even know that was you! Your face seems to transform with the style and I think that’s pretty unique and shows that you can bring forth a diverse look easily. I applaud you for bringing forth multiple poses even though the Kumba does not seem to work best for you and your multiple hair types. I think this style would work better if left to set un wet hair with you for a 24-48 hours, to help with the definition, etc. However, that’s my preference. Others may like it wild and free. It was a bit distracting to me, as some of the poses seemed to convey that your style was in a state of transition, not complete. I did not connect with a feeling of confidence, you met the request of the challenge but didn’t sell me on it.

When modeling, there will be poses, looks, make-up, clothes that you would not prefer-but you still need to draw from inside and bring it with confidence so the end-user will buy what your pushing. The summary was good and the explanation with pictures and use of GN products would help me. A new natural might be overwhelmed with the mixing of other products-akin to other YouTubers concoctions-and I would have preferred to see you stay within the realms of this challenge and only implement GN products. Your lighting is the best I’ve seen so far on the tutorial shots and the professional poses are good-minus the disconnect already mentioned, the order would have made more sense if rearranged. Keep focusing on connecting and selling whatever you are working with for the win, like you did in the first challenge!

Susie T(3.5)
You didn’t give us much in your summary. It was more like a quick commercial bit. It was surface without explanation of your styles, and history of what a Kumba is along with how you used the GN product CK(heavy, volume? distribution? Any others or just that?_Even thought this is a model contest, I would have liked to read more from you because you seem like you have so much more to you-but you are holding back. Your hair is cute. As cute as you are, at this point I need to see more than cute, show us who you are. Tell us why you’re in it. Bring it with some background, some history, much more of you. You seem to be good at keeping people aloof, away from the real you. And even though this is a model competition, the camera can read emotions well. Cute and pretty will get you in the door-but with this fierce competition, I’d like to see the flame turned up a bit and see you challenge yourself to a higher level because you got it. I hope you share more of it.

I thought your summary was simple and concise. You explained the GN products that you used and the steps you took to prepare the Kumba. I would have like more historical background on the Kumba. Your pictures are cute and diverse, as are your hair styles. You gave us close ups and a full view of how the Kumba could flow with your style and schedule. That’s great. From a Mohawk to a puff-the Kumba is truly diverse and you reveal that with your poses that made me stop and think that I’d want to know more about ‘that’ girl.I think the Kumba is truly a winning hair style for you if you choose to rock it! Good job.

I felt like you just showed up and turned in the assignment this week. Your summary was limited. I would have liked to see more background on the Kumba and how you implemented the style with instructions. The pictures were a bit distracting and the fuzzy touch ups did not help me. I felt like I was looking for you again. You showed up in the last competition, then you started hiding again. I did not connect with you in the competition and the Kumba style does not feel like you were ‘feeling’ it either. It came across as indefinite and incomplete and a bit like you wanted to distract the viewer because of a lack of certainty with this look for you. It’s ok if it’s not ‘the’ look for you, just remember as a model you have to still show up and bring your A game and sell whatever is on the table, regardless of your preference.


~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Rachel RitfeldMy feedback


It seems like you were one of the few who got the hairstyle down. And not only that, you clearly had fun doing it. You were clearly in the Mardi Grass mood and it comes through. Your writeup helps get me in that mood.

Your best shot for me is nr. six with the flower in your hair. Your hair looks fabulous and your facial expression is that of a model. The ninth is also a great shot but the last shot is lost in all the Mardi Gras fun and phone booth. So for the next challenge also focus on what the sponsor wants. Definitely use your self expression but don’t let it deter from what is asked from you as a model.

Your images are absolutely on point. Your photo shoot carries what was asked in the challenge. I look at your photos and see the guide. That is great.

I also see a smile and your connection. That is great improvement. As I said the quote to Kumba(ya) is great. The only thing I would have liked to see is more shots of the end style that could be used on a billboard. One is really limited but please continue to improve. I look forward to more of your images.

Lydia Young
Lydia, you got a gorgeous head of hair. Indeed the boldest brightest strands that stand out. I really love image nr. 6. I like the colors your look. You look happy, you connect and draw people in but I miss that billboard head shot. Your last image may have been an attempt. The makeup looks good, your hair fabulous but your hair is cut. I don’t get to see the style not sure what you are telling me.

Looking at the rest of your images, I think you can loosen up a bit more. You look tense in shot nine. I can see it in your fingers. You don’t seem relaxed. Same with shot 7. So try to relax more for your next photo shoot.

You were way, way, WAY too late. Of the pictures that were you had one up of the products. It seems that you are missing the point. When we ask a model to shoot we want you in the picture. We got our product shoot. So please no more photos of products. Use every image to promote you, yourself as a model.

Having said that, I liked your photo. But then again the photos are nice, the environment well chosen, your style is lovely but these are not images that I would be able to use for a hair commercial. For a billboard. So ladies this goes for all of you, when you do a shoot, listen to what the customer asks for. The one shot that may had a chance is the 3rd headshot but your hair is cut.

So, although you clearly improved your photos this week, you missed the point a little bit and you were late.

Jayme, even though the style didn’t come out as you expected I see that you are more expressive in your shots. So I do see improvement. I really like the shot with the Kumbas. That is where I see you open up to the camera. You let the photographer in. Very nice shot even without makeup, your eyes, smile and hair are enough to draw people in.

I also like your 5th shot. It’s what I call the classic Jayme look. I think this can be one of your signature expressions. I saw it in the Bridal shoot too and it works for you every time.

Now I am not sure what went wrong in trying to do the style. Reading that the end result looks like a Bantu Knot makes me wonder if you got the style right because there is a big difference in how a bantu looks and what a kumba looks like. A Bantu is created on top of the head around the base while a Kumba is tucked into the base.

The other thing is the products that you’ve used. That may be another reason why the style didn’t come out right. When you use oils on your hair you get a whole different result than when you use a milk. The Hair milk will make your hair curly and moisturize your hair with a h2o base. A Hair Butter will moisturize and protect your hair but wont bring out the curls. It is a bit of a disappointment because you were specifically asked to use the Going Natural products. I hope you do better next time.

Farah, I think it’s great that you got the style right and got great definition from it. You got it. The Kumba Out Natural Hairstyle is all about bringing out the beautiful definition of ones uniquely coiled tresses. I liked the fact that you wanted to shoot for different age group. I like that thought however I wish I could see more of your hairstyle throughout the shoot. I only see one close up/head shot.

I totally agree with Dajuan about your best shot: the one in the red dress where you look over your shoulder. You clearly love style and the dress looks gorgeous on you. You look sexy! The other red dress shot could be in a fashion magazine as well but I can hardly see your hairstyle and that was what this challenge was about. So next time, again yes, use your creativity but stay through to the challenge.

Tiffany, you were the first one to submit your images and your essay and I was more than pleased with that. I enjoyed reading your experience with the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk and your approach to creating the Kumba Out natural hairstyle but unfortunately that is the best thing I can say about you this week. I hardly see your beautiful big hair. The images just look like cell phone photos that you share with friends. I don’t see model at all. Maybe the style didn’t come out well but I sure expect better photos than hat.

So Tiffany because we all of the judges agreed on the fact that you didn’t improve and your shots are really not up to the standard, we have to let you go. I do think you have talent and that your hair is gorgeous so I like to thank you for your participation and wish you good luck.