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America’s Next Natural Model goes Paris!

America’s Next Natural Model goes Paris! teams up with Boucle d’Ebene, the first organization that started a natural hair show in Paris, France a decade ago. With the common goal to promote the beauty of natural hair as well as to create awareness of Black women’s hair issues, Boucles d’Ebene offers the winner of America’s Next Natural Model season 6 a photo shoot in Paris, a video shoot and the amazing opportunity to be the American host of the Boucles d’Ebene hair show in May 2015.


Win a Photo Shoot in Paris!

Win a Photo Shoot in Paris!

Are you a Black beauty who aspires a carreer in modeling? Well then why don’t you use your skills to become America’s Next Natural Model Season 6 and win a photo shoot in Paris! Yes, it’s that simple. If you are a confident Black model who loves her natural hair, we want you to apply.

 America's Next Natural Model goes Paris

















What is America’s Next Natural Model?

America’s Next Natural Model is‘s annual online pageant to promote Black Beauty and Natural hair. It is very much like America’s Next Top Model but it takes place online where ten selected models compete for the title, free products, a cash prize and a photo shoot in New York.

 How does the America’s Next Natural Model competition work?
Ten selected models will compete for eight weeks for the title, a trip to Paris where she will do a photo shoot, a video shoot and where the winner will be the American hostess of Boucles d’Ebene, the largest Natural Hair Show in Paris. 

It is an online competition that provides each contestant with personal web-space to express herself throughout ten challenges. Weekly votes from a coaching jury and from members and social media follwers will determine who the winner is.

What can I win?
Well this could the big break that starts of your international carreer. Besides the title, infite exposure and free products, you can also win a trip to Paris for a photo shoot and a video shoot at Boucles, d’Ebene, the organization that hosts largest natural Hair show in France.

Who is America’s Next Natural Model 2015?
America’s Next Natural Model 2015 is a natural beauty who uses her talent to inspire. She knows how to integrate her natural tresses seemlessly with every outfit or accessories you trow at her. She is proud to stand out and take natural hair to the next runway level. She can’t wait to be the new face of the brand of a line she completely stands behind. If this is you, you should apply.

Who can join this competition? 
Every woman of 18 and older with naturally nappy, coily, kinky hair and locs can participate. If your hair is chemically relaxed and you want to join, you will have to commit to cut the relaxed part of your hair in during the competition.

Is submission free?
No, by clicking the submission/registration form link you will see that you have to pay $29.99.

The competition has always been free. Why do we have to pay this year and what do we pay for?
Yes, the competition has been free for models for five years but it has never been free to setup and run the competition. So while hundreds and hundreds of models freely applied, we picked up the bill for processing applications, hosting images and running the online competition. Now we ask for a fee not only to cover part of the cost but this way we are pretty sure to process only serious applications of confident models who are all about taking their careers to the next level.

So the $29.99 is only to process my application?
No, actually you get a whole lot more. Once you make the payment we will use your profile and photos to introduce you to our 35,000 subscribers, our 80,000 facebook fans, twitter and instagram followers.    

Does paying the $29 automatically guarantee acceptance into the competition?
Paying the fee guarantees acceptance in the Social Media audition round where your profile and photos will be evaluated and posted on in our Social Media Network of 80,000 members on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but it does not guarantee a spot in the final 10.

What other cost do models have? Who pays for shipping on products? 
The only costs models have to pay are the registration costs. Everything else is free. takes care of shipping and all other costs.

Do we get to keep the products clothing etc…?  
It depends on the sponsor if you get to keep the clothes, jewelry and everything else.

What is the actual application process?
The actual application process is a fairly simple 2-stpe process:

1) First register and create a profile with at least 5 of your best photos.

2) Then click on the link to submit your application to make the payment and you are in!

Who keeps the rights to the images?    
You keep the rights of the images but the sponsors have the right to use the images they see fit on billboards, online, in videos or other publications. This is for the models to expand their portfolio, profile and visibility.

Where is the link to the Application? 

Right here:

Where can I find more information about the competition and the earlier seasons?
This is the main page. From the main page click on the season you are interested to see:

Info for models:

To sign up:


This is Jayme winner of ANNM Season 5 in a commercial for Gruvi Juice in New York. You can be the America’s Next natural Model Season 6 but you will do your commercial shoot in Paris! We recommend practising your French.

Chassity Bynum Winner ANNM 2012

Chassity Bynum Winner ANNM 2012

My favorite challenge was the Maroon challenge because it really spoke to my heart. I am familiar with challenges and trials as I had a heart attack after the birth of my 2 year old son. When you have to fight for your life, you look at it differently. You step out and accept challenges with ease and confidence because you know what you have persevered through.


About ANNM

About ANNM

America’s Next Natural Model is’s annual pageant to celebrate the beauty and versatility of African hair. Started in 2008, the online competition can best be described as America’s Next Top Model Meets the Voice online. It runs from January to March for eight weeks.


ANNM for Gruvi

ANNM for Gruvi

Besides her price of $1,000 Jayme Goodwin, America’s Next Natural Model 2013, also had the honor of shooting the first commercial in the history of the pageant. The first photo shoot with Jayme was so inspiring that Gruvi, the only company that offers spirulina juices, recruited her for their first official commerical. Watch the making of and tell us what you think.