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Where My Hair Journey Began, part 2 of 2

Boy did I make a mistake. I went to this girl who had been highly praised by some girls I knew.  I looked her up and made an appointment. Her name was Angel. Whew!

Well, she applied the "supa" and sat down in the chair in front of me. I was like, what's really going on? Well, my scalp is very sensitive and I started to burn really fast. I asked her how long she was going to let  the perm stay on my hair.  And she said, "Oh, you ready? I was waiting for you to tell me when you were ready."

Huh?  What? Now who gave her a license to do hair, right?

Needless to say, after she shampooed my hair, I could tell something was wrong.   When I ran my fingers through my wet hair, it didn't feel smooth. It just felt different and my fingers were sticking to the hair and getting caught. Anyway, although it looked okay, I knew It wasn't going to be okay.  When it soon started breaking, I just cut it off. And I loved it. I've been wearing it like that ever since. But I still wasn't completely natural. I would still perm, mousse, and scrunch it so it would be wavy.

When, Why, and How I Decided to go Natural, part 1 of 2

So next is the issue of when I decided to go natural. Well, I started thinking about it after learning about I thought how I'd love to be in this competition and free myself from chemicals once and for all. However, I knew that I would have to cut my hair, so I didn't really give it much thought. I just thought about how cool it was that all these women from all walks of life were sharing this special bond. Just figured I would appreciate from afar.

But then I had a real scare of my own. I'd found a lump behind my left nipple. I'd gone on vacation. The morning after getting back I had a complete physical and told my doctor about the lump. The next week I had appointments for a mammogram and with the cancer clinic. During that first visit to the cancer clinic, I  saw an old friend of mine. I hadn't seen her in over 10 years. She was just as beautiful and lively as ever, but she wore that tell-tale scarf, signaling that she'd lost all of the beautiful, long, thick, black hair that I remembered her having.  And it hit me like a ton of bricks that that could be me soon. I felt empathy for her, yet felt selfish that I was praying for a better outcome.  It was so humbling. It was so scary.

Well, it turned out that I didn't have cancer.  

(Watch the video) [video: 100×100]

When, Why, and How I Decided to go Natural, part 2 of 2

One day after all the confusion had settled, I was looking at the going-natural site and said to myself, you know what? I just may do it! Why not? I was lucky enough to have gone from saying, "That could be me" to "That could've been me." What an eye opener!

I thought about the contest some more and decided that the possibilities and opportunities far out-weighed the vanity of it all. And if I would let something as small as hair keep me from pursuing something this big, then I didn't deserve to win anyway.

So here I am.

When did I go natural? Well let's see. What time is it? Oh, about 19 hours ago. I went to the barber shop yesterday evening and had them to cut it all off. Every inch and guess what? I absolutely love it! I feel so free! I feel so alive.

I guess the most difficult part about it was getting the courage to actually go to the barber shop. Sitting down in that chair was the point of no return. No looking back.
And the happiest time, I have to say,  was when the cut was finished and I looked in the mirror and absolutely loved what I saw.[video: 100×100]


Videos: Going Natural, Going Bald!

Videos of me getting my hair cut for the contest!

More to come shortly.

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And a special thanks to my wonderful cousin, Cedric, for allowing me to use him and his shop for the videos. He's so funny!  and check the "country grammar" LOL!

He owns and operates Glover's Beauty and Barber Shop on Tobacco Rd in Hephzibah, Ga.

Finally got the box!

Greetings fellow natural beauties!

Ok so I finally got my box of goodies! Yaayyy! There are some incredible items here in this box.  I can honestly say I got so excited upon opening this box. I mean its not just the contest in general, but the chance to be a part of something which allows me to be myself, my true self. Not someone elses’ vision of what I should look like. No impossible standard, that I cannot obtain.  No stress, just a chance to uphold and celebrate my God given hair.  I am truly thankful!


The first challenge

The first challenge was soo much fun! Immediately upon placing the hair pins in my hair I felt regal, I felt like an Egyptian Goddess…

Especially after putting on the dress and makeup.  The location just added to those feelings. I was surrounded by Egyptian hieroglyphic writing and numbering, photos, statutes, and themes.  It was amazing! I felt my ancestors in my bones.  I promise you I did not want to take it off. In fact I rocked that headband all day! LOL  

I did my hair with the mango & lime products prior to the shoot, and my hair is still smelling like fruit and essential oils! I so enjoy the oil that came with our box, my locs have a nice sheen to them and there is no buildup on the scalp.  I will be purchasing it from now on!  The shampoo woke up my scalp, and the tingling sensation was welcomed.  It really got into the shaft of my locs  which very few shampoos can do trust me.  However, I already used up half the bottle! LOL  

This competition has reaffirmed that we all are indeed beautiful and come from royalty.  I will never forget this first challenge!   

Challenge 5 – Creating Hair Coils… Update: My pictures are now posted!!!!

For Challenge 5 I was given the task of creating a How to Guide for Creating Hair Coils. 

To achieve the Coils I had to roll my hair on flex rods.  This was the first time I ever used rollers of any kind since going Natural.  I also have never worn my hair in Coils.  The process of Coiling my hair was new to me. I learned a lot about my hair texture through out the process.  For example, a little product goes a long way with my hair.  Too much product causes my hair to become too soft to hold a curl and/or the product will flake in my hair.   **SIGH**

During my photo shoot, I had a turkey in the oven and was in the midst of cleaning the house for my Thanksgiving Dinner guests. I was multi-tasking to the fullest!!  There was no way I was going to be able to take pictures after filling my belly with turkey, sides, and sweet potato pie… :0)

This challenge is all about creating new natural hair styles.  Please take a look at our pictures and read our How to Guides AND don’t forget to vote and comment on our pictures/articles. 

Have a great week,

Karla Thomas