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Kcurly- Feedback Week 5

Kcurly- Feedback Week 5

My favorites in this challenge were Carlita, Chassity, Kala and ReShonda. For my winner, I would have to pick ReShonda. 


Your pictures blew me away. What better style to represent “natural” than a magnificent puff! Loving the flower in your hair paired with the subtle colors and gorgeous makeup. I think your expressions and poses were on point as well.   


Dawn on Challenge 1

Dawn on Challenge 1

I have to say that I truly enjoyed reading all of the touching stories on why the models went natural or decided to take better care of their natural hair. It is always very interesting to me to learn that background information about someone’s natural hair journey. I also thought that all of the models had beautiful, fierce natural hair! Great job ladies!

My favorite in this challenge is Nefertiti. I love the quality of her shots and her choice of poses and props made me feel like I was seeing her in a magazine article about the topic of hair damage.


Yardley / The Coil Review’s Vote for Challenge #3

My job is hard as a judge each week, but all of the contestants make it fun! The styles that were presented this week showed how versatile and creative natural hair can be. And when you’re using the right products, it makes it that much easier to sculpt a style that’s uniquely you, but also helps maintain the style while expressing the beauty of nature.

My top picks are Nefertiti with her sassy French roll with a twist, Kala giving us the essence of nature and Chassity, where she showed how to bring our hair to life, naturally and easily. My final selection? Chassity! Her Bantu Knots were beautifully sculpted, and the description on how to achieve the look was very intuitive. Good job Chassity!

Elimination: Carlie. It was difficult to see the style. It would have been great to see how creative the back of the hair was. Pretty photos nonetheless.

Until next week!


Rachel Ritfeld on Challenge 7

Rachel Ritfeld on Challenge 7

I’m going to have to start with KALA today! Girl You look AMAZING! This is what i saw you were capable of right from week one! Your stunning features, everything about you is shining through in this shoot! Seriously, gorgeous! The styling is gorgeous, photography amazing, YOU incredible! And you have the perfect balance in your shots of close up and full length but I never lost track of what the product were that you were pushing! Seriously, now we’re really talking!


Dawn on Challenge 2

Dawn on Challenge 2

Once again, all of you ladies rocked it with the creativity! I loved seeing all of your unique poses, expressions, and examples of wearing head scarves or hats on natural hair. You gave me some ideas! I have to say that my favorites for this challenge were Jalita and Chassity.

My favorite is Chassity. For elimination, I choose Natural Jael. Although I liked scarf, I didn’t feel like she used much creativity in her pictures at all.

The quality of your pictures were amazing. The color scheme that you selected were very nice as well. Very regal. Great job!

Dawn on Challenge 3

“Once again, all of you ladies look beautiful! I love the colors and brightness and the creativity in styling. I also really enjoyed reading step by step how you all created your styles and what products from the Going Natural line that you used.

My favorite this week is Chassity. I love the fact that she stuck with the theme of nature, but took it from a different angle. Instead of focusing on the tropics, she focused more on a canyon and water look. It worked! I also liked the hairstyle that she came up with. Very easy to do and a great look for any occasion.

My choice for elimination this week is Desyray. While your pictures were beautiful, I didn’t see the nature theme and your poses were not as creative as they were in the previous challenges.”


Dawn Yerger
Producer & Host, The Nappturalite Radio Show

Kynx on Challenge 5

Kynx on Challenge 5

The challenge turned out beautifully! I loved reading the judges feedback as well.

We did a company vote and here is our feedback.

1)      Desyray-i am Free-Desyray really spoke from a place of true freedom.  Her hairstyle was beautiful and the emotion captured in her photo shoot portrayed the fact that she felt free.  Not only did she talk about being free, but she captured the essence of freedom in the expression on her face.

2)      Carlie-i am Natural-We really appreciated the thought that went into Carlie’s shots.  The way she approached this challenge and thought about everything from the use of color, positioning on the ground, wardrobe, background etc was outstanding and reflected in the shots that she was able to obtain.  Her makeup application was flawless and really drew out her eyes.  She also very thoroughly followed directions and gave the details on how to achieve her look.  Her attention to detail is commendable.

3)      Nefertiti-i am Natural, i am Strong, i am Fierce, i am Free, i am Unique-What we loved about Nefertiti’s shoot was the fact that she stepped outside of the expected and chose to do a non-traditional representation.  We loved the workout attire and it truly portrayed her physical strength.  What we would have liked to see more of is variance in the types of shots taken-poses, background etc. The last 3-4 poses were very similar to each other.

4)      Chassity-i am Fierce-We loved the confidence that exuded from Chastitiy’s photos.  She looked as though she were truly having fun during her photo shoot and we love that! We would have liked to see a stronger correlation between the word Fierce and the color/backgrounds used.  The shots were a bit neutral in color scheme and while Chastitiy looked Fierce, we didn’t feel that throughout the images.
5)      ReShonda-i am Natural-Reshonda had a nice approach to representing the muse Natural.  We loved that she varied her shots, some on a bike (loved!), some in a field, in front of the phone booth-they all seemed real-life and easy, carefree.  The afro puff was adorable and a nice change from the more commonly seen natural styles. 

6)      Kala-i am Unique-We liked the way that Kala created so many different looks within her shoot.  Through the use of clothing and poses she was able to capture many unique looks.  We felt that her hair should have been highlighted a bit more as this is a hair product challenge.  We would have like to see more of it. She has a very natural way of posing that looks like she’s not “trying too hard.”

7)      Jalitia-i am Fierce-It sounds as though Jalitia did have some struggles which made her photo shoot more difficult for her.  Life will throw you curve balls and how well you fare depends on how well you can roll with things and be flexible. While she did manage to pull together her images, (we especially liked the second photo where she is turned to the side with her arms across her head as it sends off a really relaxed, natural vibe), we ended up feeling as though she didn’t quite capture the quality shots that we were looking for.  Because of this, Jalitia is who we would select as not continuing on.

Chassity was a very deserving winner.