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week 4 feedback

week 4 feedback

all the ladies again have done a great job with the brief

Ebony: i love your close up shoots it really showed the make up to it’s best, you foundation base was clean and your skin looks clear and healthy! just the type of skin you see in many campaigns. for you jewelery pics i would have like to have seen you in something simple like a vest or t-shirt as the scarf and the coat were a little to much and perhaps you hair pulled back to showcase the earrings, however as always the quality of your pictures are impeccable!



Kcurly on Week 8

Ebony- Lovely style! Your shots were a little redundant, but you showed off the the style nicely. The instructions on recreating this style were well worded.

Timolin– I just love the updos you picked. You looked like a princess with the first one and the second had such a dramatic flair. I loved your poses as well. You were my favorite this week.

Nina- Gorgeous hairstyle! And your shots were equally gorgeous! I was smiling at your description of America’s Next Natural Model.

Munya- This was very pretty. I simply loved seeing your locs cascading down! However, I would’ve liked to have seen more angles of the style. Otherwise, you look fab!


This has been a wonderful contest with beautiful ladies. I am so happy to have been a part of it.


Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 4

Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 4

Ebony: It’s time to take it up a level! Your pictures are nice, but only just nice this week. Although you looked beautiful, it didn’t really pop. I much preferred your jewelry pictures. However in your make up ad shots, they are all very natural which is nice for every day life but in a shoot, don’t be afraid to be a bit more bold with your eye shadows. The client would want their product to be showcased.

Natasha: When shooting a make up ad, choose a mixture of natural and more bold make up varieties. I found your shoot uninspiring. You have great features and are very beautiful but need to keep practicing. I preferred your jewelry shots. Love the color on you and the earrings really stands out which is really good.



Challenge 8 – Letter to State the Case for Natural Hair

In this 8th Challenge, it is apparent that these awesome contestants put in a considerable amount of effort, time and energy to meet this challenge.  Unfortunately, none of the entries submitted sounded like a professional letter to an official.  I think this is a case of perhaps over-thinking the challenge.  I was expecting to read succinct letters to officials stating the case for natural hair.  This I didn’t see, though I could see that an considerable amount of thought went into what was presented.

Therefore for the writing I am unable to choose a winner.

 For the photos I can not decide between Teesha and Christina.  For me it’s a tie between the two of them.  They made an effort to think outside of the box. 

Teesha, wowed us again with her creativity and the diversity in her photos.

Christina took the time to present herself professionally at a Supreme Court and she looked ready to battle and beautiful at the same time.




Sasha-Shae on Week

Sasha-Shae on Week

Sasha Natural beautyEbony Clark: I love just how natural and flawless the makeup looked on you. It didn’t even seem as if you had anything on. I am loving the eye shadow detail on picture 2!! It’s great! Beautiful job!

Natasha Beals: I liked how the makeup meshed well with your skin, the pictures would have been even more awesome with a big smile like in your last series of photos 🙂

Denitrika: Girl! You are working that eye shadow!! I can tell that the bronzer and shades of the makeup will work for just about any skintone by looking at your pics.


Challenge #9 The Finale

I’d like to start by Thanking Mireille for asking me to be a judge for the Ms. Nappurality contest.  It has been a honor and a privilege to be a part of this process.  I learned quite a bit from all the contestants and it warms my heart to see such young sisters so clear about who they are and their connectedness to themselves, nature and their culture.

These five finalist are all winners because they are still here, contributing in their own special way.  I wish them all the best in all their endeavors.

This week’s writing submission winner for me is Karla.   I enjoyed learning about Karla’s process and creativity through out the challenges. 

For photo submissions, my choice this week is a tie between Christina and Teesha.  I liked the way the both of them presented themselves in nature and in an easy and natural looking way.  Though it might have been not as easy as it looks for Christina to get up in that tree.

Congratulations to all the contestants because as it was said before, “You are all winners“!!!


Dee on challange 4

Dee on challange 4


Patricia Gaines Dee NappturalityChallenge 4: Ebony

You really let your natural beauty shine through on this Challenge. You did not over do the makeup, which is tempting when you are advertising a brand of makeup. Your skin looks healthy and plump, with a beautiful satin finish and I loved this challenge. Your choice of clothes complemented the natural essence of the product and showed a relaxed, confident and healthy overall picture. Loved it.

Challenge 4: Natasha

Your challenge showed me a fresh face, clean simple and natural. I liked the simplicity of it. I would have liked to see more of a smile, to bring out your eyes more. Your hair was finely styled in these photos and added to the sleekness of the overall image. I would like to see more “pow” in your photos, more personality showing through. I know you’ve got it in you.


Naturalbelle on challenge 1

Natural BelleFirstyly can i say what a fantastic start to the competition. picking a favourite this week was near impossible all the candidates did so well with great pictures and intelligent answers to the set questions.

This week i was torn between Ebony, Munya and Raven, all three ladies submitted very different shots that were great in different ways.



Kcurly on Challenge 1

Nina was my pick for favorite, but I was really torn between Timolin, Stephanie, and Raven.

Nina Ellis-Hervey

Your emphasis on not only physical beauty but also health and the mind were very inspiring. I got a wonderful sense of professionalism tinged with a chic and sassy flair from your photos. I also thought the poses and clothing well thought out. I loved your hair and the ease with which it seemed to flow with your choice in outfits.

Laura Cottingham La Lueur Naturelle

I very much enjoyed your answers. The display of your faith and love of humanity as a whole are clear in your answers and I find it very refreshing. While viewing your pictures, I found the shots very unique. However, I kept hoping to see more of your face and hair. My favorite by far was also your favorite because it showcased your beautiful profile and I could clearly see your regal updo.

Timolin Jeffers

The shots you chose were lovely and do a good job of showcasing your lovely face and lush hair, along with those to-die-for cheekbones! I also liked how your shots ranged from professional to free/uninhibited. Your answers reflect a laid back but determined young woman. The only suggestion I have is perhaps more full body/torso shots.

Natasha Beals

I just admire your show of confidence and enthusiasm in your answers. I loved the hair and the earrings, though I think some versatility in the accessories department would have been refreshing. I also would have liked some more versatility in your poses and shots.

Munya Magande

The hairstyle you chose really made your hair stand out from the rest of the contestants. I love the sophistication of a loc’d updo. I loved the poses, eye catching outfits and accessories. Your shots exhibit “natural” in every way, shape and form. I loved your response using your father’s wisdom.

Ebony Clark

Your angle of “every woman” is great because I feel that’s what a lot of women are starting to look for in advertising.I also enjoyed the confidence you seemed to exude in your answers.  I loved the twistout and the different styles you managed to do with it. Your poses were beautiful. The choice of outfits and accessories did showcase some versatility but I’d love to see a bit more.


I enjoyed your hair in the twists and twistout, very pretty! I also liked that you showed the professional side of natural hair while still exuding femininity with your accessory and hairstyle choices.  However, I would’ve liked to have seen a few different angles of both your face and your hair.

Stephanie SV

You probably exhibited the most flexibilty in your look and style on this challenge. I loved, loved, loved the back shot because it screamed “strong, black, healthy, beautiful woman”. It’s obvious from your answer that you are well traveled and have experienced many different cultures which is a definite plus. The only suggestion I have is that you could maybe show a bit more of your hair.


You have an edgy, yet sometimes quirky feel to your shots that I just love. I loved that I could clearly see the emotion behind your shots. Your answers reveal an outgoing individual who loves life! On the hair front, it was good to see a healthy, beautiful TWA which I think are so striking when it comes to modeling.

Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 1

Rachel Ritfeld feedback on challenge 1

Rachel RitfeldNina: my favorite picture is the one where you are holding a yellow jacket, because you look the most natural in that shot. My advice in posing for you would be not to try so hard (referring to picture in the grey dress) as you don’t need to do much to look naturally beautiful. You have a beautiful smile and I loved your answers to your questions. The clarity in your answers depict beautifully and eloquently who you are.

Laura: in the picture where we can see your face, you look beautiful! what are you hiding? i would love to see you more clearly in future pictures and to see more of your personality

Timolin: i love the way you explored different expressions in your different shots and set ups. my favorite is the one of you in the workplace you look strong, sexy and sophisticated. Keep it up.