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Natures asymmetry

Natures asymmetry

 Symmetry vs. Asymmetry.  GOD made all things wonderfully.

Typically when describing someones face as symmetrical one tends to think that it is more beautiful than a face described as asymmetrical.  When decorating walls with picture frames, people often line them up straight with one another because it gives an illusion of balance.  But we have to open our eyes and see the magnificence in all things created because there is much to be said about asymmetrical things.

Asymmetry goes against the norm and can be used to describe a necklace I chose from  I liked this particular necklace because it was different; not your typical “centered” piece.  Ngozi creates beautiful necklaces with natural stones such as amber, bone, clay, coral, shell, jasper, jade and wood- to name a few.  With its natural components Ngozi design creatively pieces together wonderful symmetrical and asymmetrical works of art!  The asymmetrical jewelry I am wearing is similar to the theme of the going-natural website and how I feel about myself in society.  I am not the norm, because I don’t fit into a box of what one thinks of as beautiful because I am a black woman with natural hair.

As difficult as it is to find something “unbalanced” in nature we know that those things that are not completely the same in all aspects of its form are amazing in itself.  Just like all things in creation…some people are “normal” and others are a little quirky but still just as marvelous.  GOD made all things perfect; therefore it is impossible to find fault in anything HE has made.



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Stand alone tree

Nature is glorious in all its forms.  Animals, plants, insects, stones, and humans alike…Embrace how you were made!  Choosing to go natural is the best decision I have ever made.  It has catapolted my decision to use natural products, eat natural foods etc.  If you are new to the going-natural site, make friends and read blogs that will encourage your natural hair journey.  Peace…