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It’s not easy…

I don’t know about the other competitors of the Miss Nappturality contest but I know for me, this contest isn’t easy! LOL  I had no idea, it was as hard as it is to model and do things “just right.”  This has taught me an important and valuable lesson.  I have a newfound respect for models and their profession.  It isn’t easy taking a whole bunch of pictures, changing, keeping up your momentum. 
Take for instance week 3, whew chile! We had to represent Jamaica…so its November and there I am half dressed laying all out on the sand, in the water! LOL  The next day, you guessed it, I was sniffling, and sneezing.  But you know what? I had a blast, and if I had the chance I would do it all over again!

 I have never been considered beautiful, especiallly when I was younger. So this contest has really boosted my self-esteem, and helped me realize that yes, I am beautiful, and I am worthy just like anyone else. Shew, we all are! We are made in his image so we are beautiful. 
This contest has taught me humility, patience, and beauty of self.

Thank you going natural, I appreciate it.

Challenge 4

Just posted Challenge 4…ugh, it was tough narrowing down which photos to choose…But hopefully I made the right decisions!  This time around I spent a little more time on the article than usual.  When receiving the challenge, I worked on the article portion immediately and set up my photoshoot a little earlier b/c I am finding that it has become too difficult to submit in time!  I’ve been submitting at 1159 on the dot lol  b/c from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown I observe the Sabbath, so it gives me one less day to work on my submission b/c I avoid leisurely things and working etc…. But I think the time constraint makes me get on my grind even more (??) 

I enjoyed myself once again…Just got a package today from going natural.  Nu Ade’ is the product…Interested in finding out the Challenge for it:) 

P.s…I got a spider bite or something on my shoulder last week…I have to get it checked out ASAP!  Im very thankful I didnt get it on my face or anywhere visible (phew).  It itches like crazy though:(