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I know I would be a perfect candidate for Americas Next Natural Model because not only is my hair natural but I strive to live a lifestyle that is natural as well. My hair was permed at a young age and I really did not have guidance as to the proper ways of taking care of my hair in its natural state.   


Miss NP Challenge #1

Christina piece on going natural wonderfully and creatively summed up so many of our journeys, from the beginning, middle to present.  Covering acceptance, self esteem, confidence and how others accept us.  Great piece Christina.

I love what Valaira’s  did with the headband accessory.  Instead of wearing it like a traditional headband she made the prettiest bow for the back of her drawstring puff.  what a lovely bow photo from behind.  Very Creative and cute Valaira  .  I love it


Challenge 2 – Sula, NYC

Challenge 2 – Sula, NYC

Congratulations, Divas!  You really stepped it up for this challenge.  The photos are well done.  And the participants took my advice about proofreading to heart because there were fewer grammatical errors – a serious pet peeve of mine.  Each of you had very similar essays, but a couple of you had very original approaches to the challenge.  Unfortunately, there can be only one winner.  But first I’d like to critique each queen individually.

TOSHIA  – Very well written.  Concise.  Photos were clear and detailed.  Since you made this challenge about your legs, I was happy that the focus remained on those lovely gams of yours.  Excellent execution of the challenge.  I think you should watch the lighting.  In some of your photos, you have hot spots.

JANERIA – Although brief, your appreciation for the product is clear.  But your testimonial felt rushed.  And your photos look like you didn’t put much thought into them, either.  They are poorly lit and you could have further enhanced your beauty with a little make up.  You do have pretty legs.  But all in all, it is a little disappointing.  Last week you seemed a lot more focused.

LENORE – I really liked your approach to the challenge with the step-by-step photo instructions.  I know when I get something new from the store, it is always helpful to have a photo guide show me the way through.   You are a very pretty girl and that’s obvious.  The only criticism I have for your testimonial is that you could have written a few more sentences to flesh it out.  Your photos were disappointing.  Poor angles for your face and not engaging.  You’re better than that, Lenore.

CHRISTINA – I love your use of the acronym H.E.L.P. for your testimonial.  Very inventive.  Well-written.  It’s obvious that you put a lot of thought into this challenge.  And I did enjoy the extreme photo close ups to illustrate your point.  Once again, be careful with your lighting.  There are hot spots.  It happens often to me with my digital camera.  Perhaps all you ladies can consult a photographer friend for tips.  And your photos for the challenge are mostly blurry.  Especially disappointing considering the thought you put into your essay.

VALAIRA – Your step-by-step instructions were very clear as were your photos in your testimonial.  You’re very pretty with a fabulous mane.  GORGEOUS!  And your photos are killah.  It is very obvious that you were born to be called Queen.  Work It!

TEESHA – Superb essay.  Well written with fantastic photos.  Your photo gallery is beyond perfection.  If you continue in this vein, you may very well be America’s Next Natural Model!

MONIQUE – I liked your essay and I loved your accompanying photos.  They are styled very well.  While the photos are a little dark, it does not distract us from the wonderful arrangement.  And your locks are gorgeous.  Good Job!  I like the tightness (close up) of your gallery shots.  And I love dogs, so seeing your furry companion in a shot humanizes you even more.  I still feel like you need to focus on make up application.  And better lighting would have been a plus.

SAFEEYA – You’re lovely.  That’s obvious.  But your essay left me wanting more.  The images were too small.  And it just didn’t read like you were invested in this challenge.  Your photo gallery images, on the other hand, were absolutely fantastic.  I LOVED them.  In your essay you wrote that the Sula, NYC experience was sensual, but in your photos you SHOWED how sensual it was.

KARLA – Wonderful essay!  Great photos to illustrate the use of the product.  And I loved, loved, loved the time and research you put into this challenge.  You definitely get an A+ for that.  And your gallery photos are just sublime.  Watch out ladies, Karla could potentially be America’s Next Natural Model.

 I love all the ladies.  They are beautiful black women who know how to work a natural ‘do.  But my top picks for this week are Teesha & Karla.



NP Challengr #3

Hello, ladies.  All of you look so beautiful in challenge number 3.  I’m loving the locs and twist.  You guys are so creative with your photos and locations.  It was a hard decision and I eventually chose Teesha on her write up and photos.  Her photos were beautiful and stood out in the bunch.    Her presentation looked just like a professional ad in a magazine.  She listed her experience and listed alll the key point benefits of product and listed the website and contact info of company so the customer knows how  and where to get product.  Looked like she knew or had a professional photographer and makeup artist for this assignment or had a friend with skills.  I know everyone doesn’t have access to a professional for each assignment, which is okay, because your potential and creativity still comes through in each assignment as a possible spokes model. Thanks ladies.  Great job Teesha.

Do It Yourself Guide on Creating Natural Hair Coils

Do It Yourself Guide on Creating Natural Hair Coils

Coils with FlowerAre you tired of the same natural hair style? Are you interested in trying something different and new but not sure where to start?  Give Coils a try! In 7 easy do it yourself steps you can achieve your own Coils. You can also add oomph to your style by using flower hair accessories from Ododo Originals. (more…)

Challenge #7 – Jewels, nature & natural hair

Jewels, Nature, and Natural Hair -some of  my most favorite elements blended together…

Challenge #7


I truly enjoyed Karla’s story and the picture accompanying her story is gorgeous!  Karla’s hair in this pic looks full, defined, and made me want to reach out and touch her hair.  The story speaks to her connection with nature and with the beautiful gemstones used to create her necklace.  The information provided  on the attributes of the stones and their source was very engaging.  Great story and pic.

Loved the way Karla’s images made her appear as an integral and organic part of nature, naturally blending into the scenery.   Beautiful images.


Toshia wrote a short but lovely story sharing the ideas of culture, individuality and the beauty of finding one’s true aesthetic.  Great job.

Toisha  is a beautiful sister and seen here in a beautiful necklace.  But the poor quality of the photography deflected from the overall impact.


Safeeya’s story focused on the beauty of amethyst and she then compared the raw beauty of the stone with the raw beauty of natural hair.  Great ideas and insight.

Safeeya’s images evoked fun and playfulness and showed off the necklace very nicely.


Teesha remains consistent in her expression as an artist in the choices she makes, she unapologetically breaks the mold creating new visions.  Loved her comfort with the beauty and value of asymmetry in nature, life and jewelry.  Teesha wove a story line combining her necklace and nature in a way that was captivating.

Teesh’s pictures were bold, creative images that complimented her necklace.


Christina’s story had interesting facts.  Her reasons for choosing her necklace were a reflection of her natural aesthetic, close to nature and beauty.

Christina’s images definitely reflected the cold season and she came across as a Sexy Winter Goddess – beautiful!

For Challenge #7 my picks are:

Karla for her riveting story.

Teesha for her unique images.


Challenge 1

This was a very difficult Challenge for me to judge. Each model has her own uniqueness and the photo shoots were tailored to each contestant’s individuality.

I was impressed with each model, some more than others, but I saw a genuine effort made by each model to put their Challenge items to their best use.

That said, Nappturality is about putting your best hair forward, and allowing yourself to shine, no matter what society tells you what is supposed to be beautiful.  

Toshia Shaw-Lacy (Miss NP8) Showed a regal beauty with a Nubian royal touch, while Valaira Sa-Ra Smith (Miss NP10) played with a puff style that everyone could achieve. Tatiana- Green (Miss NP9) had a playful Catwoman image, Monique Dixon (Miss NP7) had a cute and stylish updo, showing the jewel to its best advantage. Christina Dzenyuy (Miss NP6) had an amazing flair for style with a loc crown of an African queen,  while Lenore Johnson (Miss NP 5) & Janeria Dunlap (Miss NP2) showed us a refreshing girl next door look. Karla Thomas (Miss NP3) is living the natural, healthy life and Safeeyah Amos (Miss NP 4) combines citrus with the Caribbean with a beautiful natural twistout and Teesha Borum (Miss NP1) is just too cute.

Since the challenge was to show the jewel or scarf to its best. Not to overpower the accessory, or hide it underneath hair or props. I think the model who best achieved this is Teesha.

The scarf is shown used in different ways, with different hair style positions. I especially like the ‘bow’ effect in one of the photos. Her style complements the accessory and does not overpower it. The accessory enhances her hair and fits right in with her style. I like the natural looking makeup and wardrobe and although the more formal models were stunning as well, in this challenge, the simplicity and clean lines of the shoot won me over.

With the writeups, for me, the essay by Monique wins hands down. It resonated with me, and will resonate with those who have gone natural, and those who haven’t yet. Maybe not in a good way, but it will plant the seeds, which is what Nappturality is supposed to be about. Teesha’s overall challenge, both photos and essay, were the most consistent, and I would have to vote for her for winning the Challenge overall.