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America’s Next Natural Model; Black Beauty, Brains & Empowerment embracing the online world

America’s Next Natural Model; Black Beauty, Brains & Empowerment embracing the online world

Natural Hairstyle chassityAmerica’s Next Natural Model is celebrating its 5th anniversary by taking the online competition to a social community level where everybody can win. To offer contestants more prizes, sponsors more exposure and voting members and facebook fans enticing perks, America’s Next Natural Model goes Indiegogo.




America’s Next Natural Model is’s annual pageant to celebrate the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Inspired by Tyra and Dee, I started America’s Next Natural Model in in search of Miss Nappturality in 2008. The goal is to promote natural models and small businesses while inspiring Black women to appreciate their natural hair. 

Thanks to our sponsors for making 2012 a success: Iman Cosmetics, Sula NYC , Kynx Hair Care , MM Products, Beauloni, Designer and Photographer Adrian Alicea.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Chassity Bynum, America’s Next Natural Model 2012, won Going Natural products, $1000 in cash and was flown to New York for a photoshoot with Designer Adrian Alicea, resently featured by Elle Magazine.

Iman Cosmetics sponsored the makeup and Sula NYC sponsored the photo shoot.

Chassity was also featured by NBC’s to talk about ANNM 2012

If you have what it takes to become America’s Next Natural Model, please let us know.The competition runs from January through March.

We accept submissions from September on. So make a note to register or contact us to keep you posted. 

If you are a small business who is ready to rise contact us for sponsor options. Our models can only be successful if they can make your products shine. They can only win if your company wins.

Interview with Chassity | OUR SPONSORS | Behind the scenes (videos)

Winners since 2008


Tiana Tamara Townsel – Miss NP 08   |  Ebony Clark – Miss NP 2011 Teesha Borum – Miss NP 2010


Join America’s Next Natural Model

America’s Next Natural Model is an online pageant to promote natural hair and Black businesses. Since its start in 2008, the pageant has featured companies like Iman cosmetics, Jamaica Mango & Lime and Sula NYC but also fashion designer Adrian Alicea and Gruvi Juice for whom a commercial was made.

Jayme for America's Next Natural Model for GruviChassity Bynum for Iman Cosmetics

As a Sponsors you can choose to have models shooting photos, videos or both for you. 
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America’s Next Natural Model starts in October  and runs until November 2018. 

America’s Next Natural Model is open to talented male and female models, age 16 and older who proudly wear their hair natural. Locs, naturals, long and short are welcome to apply. You’ll receive free products to do photo and video shoots and you can win a photo shoot in the Feng Shui Garden in Suriname, the greenest country on earth!  Click for more  Info for Natural Hair Models  

Win a photo shoot in the Feng Shui Garden in Suriname!

The winner of America’s Next Natural Model gets a fabulous photo shoot in New York with photographer Mireille Liong from Photo Studio FromUsByUs. JOIN AS A JUDGE  JOIN AS A MODEL    JOIN AS A SPONSOR

We happily invite you to join and support America’s Next Natural Model in any way you can. We appreciate every like, share, link and of course spreading the word is helping as well. Yet there are even more ways you can join our online competition; As a Model, Sponsor, As a Supporter or Blogger.

As a Sponsor

As a sponsor you can choose to have your products featured in photo shoots, video shoots, testimonials or even a commercial. Click to contact us to become a Sponsor.

As a Model

As a model you can expect a fierce competition that will improve your modeling skills and get you to the next level of your profession. Of course there is always that chance that you will be the new America’s Next Natural Model. JOIN AS A MODEL.

As a Supporter

All you have to do is register so you can follow and vote for your favorite candidate. Registration is free. Click to register.

If you are interested in being a contestant in America’s Next Natural Model 2018, please JOIN AS A MODEL

If you are interested in being a judge on America’s Next Natural Model 2018, please click to create your profile and join the judges group on ANNM’s Social Network.

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If you are interested in joining the trip, please rsvp at Trip to Su. 

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I am looking forward hearing from you.

About America’s Next Natural Model

About America’s Next Natural Model

Cornrows Natural
Cornrows Natural

As an advocate for natural hair, who takes pictures to promote natural hairstyling, I became an early fan of America’s Next Top Model. Not only was the show fun to watch, the shoots, the feedback and especially Tyra’s tips were always incredibly useful.




America’s Next Natural Model Season 1

To be really honest, at the beginning all I had was an idea. I wanted to use my website to promote models and natural hair with the goal to add another dimension to the world of modeling. I had no idea though what the response would be or how it would turn out. Looking back, I am glad I took the risk.
Out of nearly 100 applications, I selected ten contestants with the best photos and the best motivation to become America’s Next Natural Model. To get the competition started I shipped them boxes full of stuff I gathered all summer. From accessories to scarves and hair products. There were no sponsors.

Maybe it was because I didn’t know what to expect but it was great to see the pageant come alive. Reading the model’s reasoning behind the shoots and looking at their pictures was very rewarding. What was even better was seeing the models compete. 

Tiana Townsel America's Next Natural Model 2008Tiana Tamara Townsel who won the first season really fought for the title. Once she invested in a professional camera she raised the level of the competition and started to outshine every body. 

In her own words:
I appreciate the opportunity of being America’s First Natural Model; Miss Nappturality 2008. It is 2008 and we are just now celebrating our natural hair like never before and I am truly blessed to be a part of it. We need to be able to empower ourselves so that we will never ever lose ourselves in this society. We should never ever forget who we are; this is the beginning of one of our segments of empowerment. We have been forced to cover up our appearance and alter it since we came to this country and hopefully we will never lose our dignity and pride in ourselves again. Read more of the interview.

This poem sums up who I am as Ms. Nappturality …

Ms. Nappturality
One who bears the eyes of tomorrow, yet sheds tears of the past
Ms. Nappturality
One who bears the soul of those lost in systems of oppression
Ms. Nappturality
For in her, those souls reclaim their heirs, Kings and Queens of all they survey
Ms. Nappturality
For she embodies the past, lives the present, and rises to the challenges of the future
For Ms. Nappturality transcends time!
~Dedicated to Tiana by Kabbie Konteh

An overview of America’s Next Natural Model 2008

Challenge 9 | Challenge 8 |  Challenge 7

Photos of Challenge 7  |   Challenge 4   |  Photos of Challenge 4

Challenge 3 | Photos of Challenge 5   |  Challenge 2  |

Photos of Challenge 2  Hair stories | The Models 

Photos of Challenge 10




America’s Next Natural Model Season 2


By season two I had sponsors! Jamaica Mango & Lime , Sula NYC , Cowrie Shell Center and Ngozi Design with great accessories all supported the idea of America’s Next Natural Model and became sponsors of the competition.


With a little more leverage the reach was wider and the response was amazing. I am not sure if you still remember myspace but that site helped a lot. The models who signed up were even more serious then the year before. So, it was on and the results were amazing! The photos of Jamaica Mango & Lime and Sula NYC were used in advertisements around the country. That to me was a great accomplishment.

America's next natural Model 2010


Winner of , America’s Next Natural Model 2010 season 2 was Teesha Borum. She had fierce competition but she always knew how to crank the lever up a notch when other models came close. Her professionalism helped her a great deal to stand out. By collaborating with professional photographers, makeup artists and hairstylist Joyce she produced high quality photos that sponsors used in ads nation wide. To put together such a talented team is a skill in and on itself. With photographers Tony Smart, Freddie Rankin. Alan Luckey, makeup artists Toneshia Cameron  and Thomasina and hairstylist Lajoyce, Teesha managed to stun the judges every week. In my it was the joy and originality expressed in her photos made her photos stand apart.

In her own words:
Life has taught me that I will not be accepted for everything that I think, say, am or believe…My experiences have also taught me that I need to be ok with this.  No matter what I pursue in life, I will come across doors that will not open to me. I have natural hair, I’m a woman, I’m black, I’m tall, I’m curvy, I’m intelligent yadayadayada…Depending on who I talk to- these can all be strikes against me, but I am learning to create my own mold rather than trying to fit into others.  Either you fit or you don’t and that’s ok.

I came into the competition knowing that whether I win or lose, I will give it my all…The same is true in life. I know that what is meant for me is for me.  As we approach 2010 I’d like to wish everyone reading this a happy day, week, month, year and life.  Do your best and be blessed! Read the interview



America’s Next Natural Model Season 3 – 2011

By season three of the competition things started to fall in place. Not only was Jamaica Mango & Lime happy to sponsor another year, Imani Jewelry sponsored one of a kind jewelry and Sade Skin Care makeup. On top of that there were some serious designers who sponsored their fashionable clothes: Bweela Steptoe, Melissa Lockwood, Rodney Alexander, Denise Goring Artwear

From the start it was clear that the competition of 2011 was going to be incredible. Nina Ellis-Hervey who already had a successful video channel was in the competition but so were Timolin Jeffers a seasoned model from brooklyn, Raven Hardy who also had modelling experience, Munya Magande with beautiful long locs and Ebony Clark a full figured real estate professional who decided to give America’s Next Natural Model a try.

Miss Nappturality Ebony Clark

Although all the models were in it to win it there was a comradely among them that I had never seen before. That didn’t make it easier to pick a winner though. In the end the judges choose Ebony Clark as the winner.

Ebony Clark, the winner of America’s Next Natural Model season 3, didn’t just have amazing hair. The full figured model took stunning photos week after week. She got the most respect when she pulled through even when her grand mother died and she had to travel to another city for the burial. That seriously raised the level of the competition to another height while also adding depth to this pageant. Ebony taught me that if one wanted the title of America’s Next Natural Model one needed to be wiling to sacrifice.  Thanks Ebony for raising the competition yet another level.

Ebony Clark, America’s Next Natural Model 2011
I’d love to let the other models know that I enjoyed being apart of this with them. Although I only spoke to a couple of them personally, I felt a connection in some way or another to each one of them. They are truly beautiful and inspiring! Thanks to the judges for the time taken to provide feedback.

Thanks to you Mireille for hosting something so beautiful…I’m very appreciative to everyone who voted and supported me. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. I appreciate ALL the love, wishes, prayers, positivity and support. Thank you!!!! Much love, joy, and peace to you!! Read the complete interview at Ebony Clark, ANNM 2011