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Videos: Going Natural, Going Bald!

Videos of me getting my hair cut for the contest!

More to come shortly.

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And a special thanks to my wonderful cousin, Cedric, for allowing me to use him and his shop for the videos. He's so funny!  and check the "country grammar" LOL!

He owns and operates Glover's Beauty and Barber Shop on Tobacco Rd in Hephzibah, Ga.

America’s Next Natural Model 09

Who is Miss Nappturality?
Miss Nappturality is a beautiful spirit who naturally inspires the world to embrace nappy hair. Confident about her looks, full of live and creative with her natural tresses, she doesn’t hesitate to share her experience and mentor women on a natural journey.

Who can join this competition?
Every woman of 16 and older with naturally nappy, coily, kinky hair can participate. You can also participate if you have locs or want to start them. If your hair is chemically relaxed and you want to join, you will have to commit to cut the relaxed part of your hair in during the competition.

What do you get?
– Free products. You will receive free accessories, hair and beauty products to use throughout the competition to complete some of your challenges. Yes, you can keep some the products the competition.
– Free personal space on that includes your own album, blog and video space.
– Exposure. If you aspire a model carrier this is your chance. By joining the competition you can use the 10 weeks of free exposure to show the world who you are and why they would miss out if they don’t contact you.
– An opportunity to start building your own social network

What does it cost to participate?
Nothing. If you are a selected candidate and you complete the ten weeks in the Miss Nappturality Competition your costs are zero $.

What are the requirements?
You need to have a digital camera to take pictures and you need to be internet savvy. In order to compete and get votes you will have to be able to update your personal space on with photo’s and details. Instructions will be provided but you need to be familiar with uploading pictures and videos and publishing text on the internet that includes pictures.

What are the terms and conditions?
If you are selected to compete for the Miss Nappturality title you have to commit to complete natural challenges for 10 weeks. You will receive one task by email each week. Completing a challenge includes updating your personal space at least once a week with text, pictures and a one time video clip.

If you like to be in the pageant, please send us an email with your name, age, location, and occupation. Also tell us why you have what it takes to become Miss NP 09 and include at least 3 pictures. We are looking forward to your message. Click here to send us an email

More information about Last years contest: Click here

Interview with last years winner Tiana Tamara Townsel: Click Here

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Contact us for more info: Click here

Voting – Challenge 1

I’d like to begin by saying all of the contestants are intelligent and beautiful and it was no easy task deciding who to choose in either category.  I could have pick them all of one reason or another.

That said, for use of the headband of ornament my number 1 pick is Safeeya.  The way Safeeya sported her headband gave the impression that it was made just for her.  It didn’t distract or take away, instead it enhanced her style and looked like the perfect choice for her current style.  She is definitely versatile.  I couldn’t believe she was the same model as the one who have the fish net across her face.

In terms of their stories my pick is Janeria.  I love her journey of self awareness, acceptance, discovery and love.  I also appreciate her idea of hair being political.  I believe that Janeria is very insightful and we will hear much more from her in the future.


Mango and Lime

Mango and Lime

With more than 23% of African Americans (including myself) with natural hair, a recipe from the fertile hills of Jamaica was developed with mango and lime ingredients specifically designed to start and maintain healthy and well groomed locs and twist. Of these products my favorites include, the Mango and Lime Firm Wax, and the Mango and Lime Cactus leave in moisturizer.


Challenge 3 – images of Jamaica

Firstly, thank you to all the sisters who entered Challenge 3. You are all so beautiful and epitomize the fashionable, beautiful, desirable natural woman.

I was so impressed with all the entries in this challenge. It was not an easy one to enter and dare i say an even more difficult one to judge! Everyone put in a big effort both in their hair styles, their choice of clothing, photo compositions and essays. The improvement from Challenge 1 is fantastic and it’s great to see all the ladies learning, growing and applying the suggestions made in the previous 2 Challenges.

Janeria, your clean, fresh face is wonderful and refreshing 🙂 I liked the simplicity of your photos, however you need to try to create more atmosphere in your shots. I think that would bring out your personality and warmth more than the current shots do. The improvement you have made since the first challenge is really noticable. Your photos were composed well and your essay was very well written. It was great to see you write about how you applied the product and how it made your hair feel.

Christina, I love your energy. This Challenge for you is a huge improvement on Challenge 2. From the colors you chose to wear to the style of clothing and those magnificent locs, made this Challenge a winner for you. I like the way you discussed wrapping your hair at night with the product, that was a very helpful tip. The sponsors will love your entry.

Lenore, it was a nice idea to incorporate your twist how to in with the product, but the quality of the photos let you down. They were to dark and blurry. I couldn’t see your  twists clearly and the dark shots did not flatter your skin tone. You will need to step up the photo quality, but keep building on your creative ideas for your essays. You are on the right track.

Safeeyah, as I said in the comments, your essay reads like a blog, which is not a bad thing at all. It gives us a more personal perspective into your experience with the product. I also liked your photo shoot. As always, your choice of color and composition was spot on. You are absolutely beautiful. The product shots were not very good, blurry, off center. Next shoot, make sure the products are in shot and in focus.

Toshia, what can I say? Your entry was a home run. I loved the photos, your choice of clothing and the way you presented the product.  Your hair was beautifully styled and suited to the atmosphere of your photos. Your essay was terrific. It actually made me smile and hear steel drums. Your best work yet. Keep it up!

 Teesha, you nailed it. Just when I think you have done your best work, you get better. Your entry is professional, your makeup flawless, your hair full of sheen and glowing with health, your photos perfectly composed and framed. Your essay was not so much as a review as an advertisement. Next time, tell us how you used the product and what it did for your hair, instead of just telling us how great it is. All in all, a wonderful submission!

Karla, it looks like you had a lot of fun with these products and with your photo shoot, and it shows! Your choice of colors, makeup and clothes were matched perfectly with the product. It looked like you were in Jamaica and the effort you made paid off. The only thing I would do next time is ensure the photos are all in focus, so we can see your beautiful face more clearly.

Valaira, your photos were lively, colorful, fantastic. Your hair looks so healthy and moisturized that I am jealous!! Your hair took center stage. It almost jumps out of the screen at me. Loved it! You need to ensure all your entries show off the versatility in your hair like this. Your how-to review was excellent, just make sure the photos are better quality next time for you how-to. they should be as well done as  your other photos.

 My top pics for this challenge are Teesha and Toshia.

But in saying that, I would like to compliment all the sisters on wonderful entries.