America’s Next Natural Model’s Famous Winners

America’s Next Natural Model’s Famous Winners

America’s Next Natural Model the online pageant that promotes Black Beauty, Brains & Empowerment is well on its way of achieving its goal. The winner’s circle of the annual competition has been beyond impressive, as title-holders and even non-title holders have continued on to do great things.

Tiana Winner of America's Next Natural Model 2008

Tiana Tamara Townsel, America’s Next Natural Model 2008, went on to become Miss Black Washington 2009. 


Teesha Borum of America's Next Natural Model 2008
Teesha Borum, Winner of America’s Next Natural Model 2010 

Teesha (NappturaliTee) Borum has some dreams of her own, “My hope is to inspire you to have healthy hair, embrace your natural self and live a more natural lifestyle.” This is her positive credo and she does just that on her informative YouTube channel, where she shares about natural hair, beauty and good health. Join her over 8, 000 followers here:

Ebony Clark Winner of America's Next Natural Model 2008
Ebony Clark, winner of ANNM 2011

Ebony Clarke is also in keeping with this theme, as she shares her “natural inspirations” on her YouTube channel, which has amassed over 22, 000 subscribers. Find her channel here:

Chassity Bynum Winner of America's Next Natural Model 2012
Chassity Bynum Winner of America’s Next Natural Model 2012 

Then there’s Chassity Bynum, heart attack survivor who was featured on WNCN TV in North Carolina and has an impressive blog over at: Chassity strives to highlight health, fitness and beauty for all women, so it’s no surprise that she not only took home the title, but will be on the judges’ panel in 2015.

Season 6 of America’s Next Natural Model is the Social Media season, where Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be the hotspots for promoting all participating models and our amazing sponsors. Models will be in the public’s eye throughout the season, as almost every challenge will be accompanied by videos via our YouTube channel, to ensure that ANNM and all participants are given even more exposure. Additionally, models will participate in hairstyle challenges and fashion challenges where natural hair becomes a part of the styles showcased.

It’s not just about taking an amazing picture, it’s also important that models are able to promote themselves via social media effectively, while sharing their personality with the viewing public. In this way, even more depth will be added to the competition, as models will get a true picture of what it takes to be in the modelling industry, while simultaneously honing their skills.

Models, there’s still time to register, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of this amazing competition. Show off your natural beauty, while growing as an exceptional individual.
Looking forward to the latest instalment of America’s Next Natural Model competition, which will begin in January 2015!

Interested? Then register to win and become America’s Next natural Model 2015!

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