Alma-Almond Scalp Scrub

Have the products that worked for you all year long been unable to help you maintain a soft, moisturized scalp this winter? In these cold months, has your scalp returned to being dry and flakey only days after you apply your favorite moisturizer? No need to sing the blues, I have a solution for you.

Are you suffering from the winter blues because you can’t get your scalp to stay hydrated? Have you tried to lock in moister with scarves, hats, and hoods this winter but to no avail; your scalp still remains dry and flakey? My hair is like a sponge, it soaks up everything, and my scalp is the same way.  This winter I’ve been fighting to keep the moister in my scalp where it belongs. The Vitamin A, D, & E that works well year round, doesn’t seem to help me in the winter. So I decided to make something that would. I know many of you have heard of a facial scrub, but have you heard of a scalp scrub that cleans and moisturizes? If not, now you have because I’m making one and can teach you how to make it as well.  I decided to use both the Shea butter and the Alma powder from the Miss NP box of wonders. Try my homemade Alma-Almond Scalp Scrub and watch your scalp retain moister in these cold winter months. Here is what you need: 1 ½ teaspoons of Shea butter, 1 box of Alma powder, 12 squirts of almond oil, 6 tablespoons of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), and 3 drops of lemon grass.

Step 1: Get your dry ingredients together and place in a bowl.

Step 2: Mix in your liquids.

Step 3: Melt your Shea butter in the microwave for 30 seconds and add it to the mix.

Step 4: Mix well; making sure your blend is smooth and thick.

Step 5: Apply with wet fingertips and gently massage the mixture into scalp rotating your fingertips. It’s alright if you get Alma-Almond Scalp Scrub in your hair, it will give you hair an extra boost of sheen and moister as well.

Step 6: Put the remaining mixture into a plastic or glass container with a lid and store in dry place for future use.

Step 7: Wait for 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 8: Wash your hair thoroughly with water.

Step 9: Add your favorite moisturizers if you’d like or just enjoy beautiful hair and a long lasting moisturized scalp from this product alone. Alma-Almond Scalp Scrub will moisturize your scalp by itself and help your current product to work better and last longer.


Alma-Almond Scalp Scrub is made with ingredients that clean and moisturize, control hair loss, stimulate roots and promote hair growth. It provides gentle yet deep cleansing with natural exfoliation for a bright, fresh, and healthy scalp. This product is gentle enough for everyday use but should be used once a week in cold months for best result. This product may used as a substitute to shampoo.  Please enjoy!


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