A Spa Experience At Home

A Spa Experience At Home

Sula NYC’s at home spa treatment iis perfect for removing the dry, dull, dead skin and revealing the glowing complexion beneath. In a few easy steps you can get this spa treatment at home. First begin by taking a nice hot steamy shower.





After your shower blot your body with a towel leaving your skin moist. Then spread on the olive soap. It is liquid soap that lightly lathers. Let that sit 5-10 minutes. 




Now rinse of the soap and buff with the body mitt. You’ll watch all that dull dead skin be buffed away.


After you are done rinse and create your clay mixture. Which is just warm water and the lava clay. Apply to your body. It smells spicy like cloves to me.



Once this is dry rinse off the clay. Your body will feel smooth and clean! This a easy treatment and it’s all natural. You get a good amount of clay it will last awhile.The buffing was especially good on my knees and elbows. A lot of dead skin cam off of those areas with the mitt.


This treatment will keep your skin soft and glowing all year long. I would be nice as a gift for someone special or yourself!


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