Bad Hair Uprooted at Boucles d Ebene

Bad hair Uprooted Exhibition

Bad Hair Uprooted, the untold History of Black Follicles Sunday May 31st at 11am at BE Paris

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Boucles d'Ebene

With the hottest natural hairstylists, fashion designers and food innovators from the French Caribbean, Boules d'Ebene is scheduled to be the event you don't want to miss this summer. From May 30th to June 1st 8,000 visitors are expected to enjoy live performances, food, hair and fashion shows in the center of Paris.

BE is known to be the largest Black trade show in Europe. Aline Tacite, owner of Salon Boucles d'Ebene, was the first one to ever put up a natural hair expo in Paris. The event was such a success that she partnered ot organize another one during Black History month in Guadeloupe her home country one year later.

Yes, I have been doing this for a minute but the 5th edition of Boucles d'Ebene in Paris is going to be the best one yet, Miss Tacite says with her wonderful signature smile. The natural hair world has grown so fast, there are many more companies who offer services and products and at least 5 American brands are represented. I am very happy about that because people here are always looking for American products.

When I visited BE in Guadeloupe, I was especially impressed by the fashion designers and I am happy to see that at least one very brand new fashion designer from Holland is joinging: Bebe Rose!

May 30th - June 1st

From 9 am to 7 pm

Hair & Fashion Show

BAD Hair Uprooted Exhibition.

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