hi, im currently going natural and im having a hard time choosing natural based shampoos and moisturizers that i can buy at my local beauty supply stores. Is there any advice you can give me?


Hello Jasmine,

Thank you for your visit and your question. I sure can give you advice but the products I recommend are not for sale at your local beauty supply store yet. As you have probably noticed, it is not easy to find all natural products at your local stores because many are made by small companies that don't operate on a large scale but here is my 2 cents.

For every one who is going natural or contemplating going natural I would recommend the Deep Detox Conditioning Treatment. It is the absolute best treatment to remove buildup, detox hair and scalp and infuse the strands with natural minerals that will make your hair  feel soft instantly. Another essential to untangle hair that is in a transition stage is the the Tangle Teezer . It is the perfect brush to remove tangles without ripping strands. It is an absolute must for everyone transitioning and every one who hates tangles.

For weekly maintenance I would recommend either one of the shampoos, Herbal or the Black Olive, the choice is really up to you. They are equally good to clean hair and scalp without stripping them from natural moisture.

For daily maintenance I would recommend the  Silky Shea Hair Butter to keep the strands soft and moisturized or the  Twist Out Hair Milk if you like to wear your hair in curls. The  Herbal Styling Gel is always handy if you want to tame your fizzes.

I truly hope this is helpful in finding the right products. Maybe you can find similar products at your local stores, if not I hope you order online in our store to experience the difference.




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