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Tangle Teezer

I am going natural. I would like to know what I need to purchase to keep my hair healthy with a shine.

Deborah W.


Hello Deborah,

Thank you for your question. I am happy to hear that you decided to go natural and interested in the Going Natural Products.

The products you need to keep your hair healthy and shiny really depend on how you transition. If you transition with extensions for instance you need a set of different products than if you would transition with your own hair. Since you didn't say, I'll assume that you won't use extensions or weaves. In this case I recommend the following products.

In my opinion there are three basic products anyone who transitions without extensions absolutely can't do without. They are:

The Deep Detox Conditioning Treatment : This treatment detoxifies hair and scalp, removing all impurities while feeding the hair with the best minerals from planet earth. After only one treatment you will feel the difference. Your strands will feel soft and rejuvenated like never before. It's the best start you can offer your hair. The only minus is that if you colored your hair, the color may fade in the process of detoxifying your strands. 

Tangle Teezer : I think every nappy house hold should have at least one of these and if you are transitioning the Tangle Teezer is absolutely essential. Dealing with tangles is one of the biggest issues while going natural and this tool will reduce this to practically a non-issue. This brush makes detangling pain free and reduces breakage. So please get one.

No More KnotsNo More Knots
: As the name suggests this detangler is designed to remove knots and it truly works wonders. If you use this detangling conditioner in combination with the Tangle Teezer the brush will not only slide to your hair without a problem. It will condition your hair at the same time smoothing and hydrating your strands. Leaving it with a nice shine.
Herbal Styling Gel

The rest of the recommendations really depend on how you style your hair. If you want to try a twist out, I would recommend the Twist Out Hairmilk and the Herbal Styling Gel to keep the curls defined and juicy looking and if you would wear cornrows I would recommend the Silky Shea to keep your hair soft and moisturized while in braids.

So I hope this information and the products help you on your way to a happy healthy transitioning process.


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