Hello and thank you for the opportunity to ask questions for those of us who are still lost. I currently have a short, relaxed hair cut but have decided to go natural. My natural hair is extremely coarse so the back is already looking a bit unkempt. In addition, transitioning with braids is not a viable option for me as the front edges have broken off with braids/micros/kinkytwists in the past. What is my best option for making a smooth transition without looking unprofessional in the process??




I would recommend a style that is easy to care for and that adds no additional stress to the hair line. One such style would be what we call at Khamit Kinks, Starter Locs. I am not sure what other salons call this style. But it's achieve by making small curls using a comb and holding product like setting gel. Another option would be coils or a straw set.



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