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I am a beginner with natural hair and I want to know what are good start up products to use on my hair now to make it grow and that it willl be manageable and easy to style.



 Hello Amanda,

Thank you for visiting going-natural.com and congratulations on your decision to go natural. It will take some time to get used to your natural hair but with the right products, it will be much easier.

What might also help your journey is the book Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy hair, a guide that helps you through the different stages of transitioning. It's the nr. 1 book on Amazon.com regarding Going Natural. You can order it from the Going Natural Shop or at amazon.comamazon.com.

The products I would recommend for a natural journey are:
Sula Detox: To detox hair and scalp and feed them with minerals. Please read on: Deep Detox Conditioning Treatment
Silky Shea Hair Butter: Really the softest and kindest butter that I have seen to soften and moisturize hair.

Herbal Gel: Nourishing and styling gel.


Good luck on your journey and please keep us posted by keeping a blog on here if you like. It's free, you'll get more support and it will inspire others.

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