Promoting the true beauty of natural hair is our primary goal and we can use all the social help we can get. So here is what you can do and if you are a blogger, not only can you promote your blog as well, we won't only help promote your will help promote bloggers can earn a little extra cash by helping us spread the word.



Going Natural shares revenues

Promoting the true beauty of natural hair is our primary goal and now you can earn a little extra cash by helping us spread the word.

How do I spread the word?
By blogging, commenting, liking and sharing what you like on facebook, twitter and other social networks. It's as simple as that!

How do I earn money?
Not only can you get a link if you a blogger you can earn extra cash too with the advertisements on your Profile page. The more people visit your profile page, the more you earn from the ads that appear on your Profile Page.

Where is my Profile Page?
Everyone registered at has a Profile Page. Your Profile Page is the page you see after you logon. It is usually Take a look at mine to see what it looks like:

How do I get people to visit my Profile Page?
Many different ways:

1) By uploading photos: people love pictures and they will visit your profile to check them out.
2) By blogging: users enjoy reading tips, tricks and experiences of others. It often helps them in their journey. So writing blogs will make visitors check you out for sure.
3) Clicking the like and the plus button and sharing things you like on facebook will lead visitors to your profile.

What should I do as a blogger to take advantage of this?
Just register, fill out your profile, don't forget to include a link to your blog or to upload your photo. Then join the group Bloggers.

How do I add advertisement to my Profile page?
Click on Profile --> Custumize My Page when you are on your Profile page. On the right you will see Community Google Ads. Click the middle icon, enter your Pub-Id and save.

going natural profile ads

profile ads

What is a Pub-id and how do I get one?
A Pub-id is a Publication Identification number from Google.

You can get one by registering for a Google Adsense account. To sign up, go to and fill out the form.

If you don't already have a website, you can just place the url of your Going-Natural profile as your website URL when signing up. For example, if my user name on Going-Natural is 'test', my url would be ''. If you are going to use your Going-Natural profile as your Google Adsense ID, make sure you have at least one approved article, otherwise Google may deny your account due to your profile being 'under construction'.

Make sure you fill out all the Google Adsense information out correctly because they will be sending you your checks for your earnings. The wrong address, means no checks!

That is pretty much it, once you have been approved, login to Google Adsense by going to

Once logged in, in the very top right corner you will see 'Publisher ID:'. All Publisher IDs start with the prefix 'pub-' followed by a combination of numbers. This is the publisher ID that we require in your profile in order to credit you with your ad impressions. Make sure you grab this ID, place it in Google Adsense Publisher ID field in your profile and save it.

For more detailed help on signing up for Google Adsense, go to

Is the Pub-id really necessary?
Yes, there is no other way to get paid.



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