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Photo: From Model Mayhem

Name: Reginald Allen (Reggie)

Occupation: Fitness Trainer



Who is your Favorite model?

Megan Fox

What is your favorite book?
To Kill A Mocking Bird

What is your favorite movie?

Why did you become a model and what is your goal as a model?
I'm an artist and its my other form of self expression.

How important is your hair as a model? Why do you choose to wear your hair the way you do?
I think it's very important, it can compliment what your photos are trying to sell.


Reginald Allen

What does your hair mean to you? Is it just an accessory that compliments your personality and style or is it deeper than that?
It fits my personality well, my blonde dreads always grab attention and being a Leo, we often crave to be noticed.

How important is a woman's hair to you? Does a weave, relaxed hair or a natural head bother you or do you have a preference for either of these styles?
Lately I don't have a preference on a woman's hair anymore. Living in Atlanta, I've grown to appreciate the various creative hair styles on a woman, whether it's weaved, relaxed or all natural, it's all beautiful to me. 

Is the texture of a woman’s hair important to you? And Length?
Not at all.

Do you think black hair is an issue? Why or why not?
It's not an issue at all for me but we are still in a time where society stereotypes on the way we wear our hair but it is changing. There's a theme park,  who's name I shall not mention, made it a mandatory requirement for the employees to not have dreadlocks, declining that job was one of the best decisions I've ever made.


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